Colour Head for Durst Laborator 1000

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by richard_rankin|2, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I've recently acquired an old Durst Laborator 1000 enlarger to
    enlarge my B&W 4x5 negs. Eventually I'd like to add a colour head.
    How can you tell which colour heads will work with this enlarger? I
    was unable to find this info on their website. <BR><BR> Also, if
    anyone might have one of these - do you have to unscrew the condenser
    housing from the bottom to access the lamp? <BR><BR>
    Thanks in advance, Richard
  2. I don't know which other color heads that will fit except the one that is fitted on my own, and that is a CLS-450. Nice machine, build like a tank.

  3. "the one that is fitted on my own, and that is a CLS-450"

    I think the 1000 took a different head then the 1200. Do you have the 1000 or
    the 1200?
  4. Try contacting the folks at
    They do nothing but deal with large-format Durst enlargers. I've had some problems with their website, so if you do too, try looking up their email address in their ads in either Camera Arts or View Camera magazine.
  5. It is a DL 1000 for wall mount with a CLS-450. Check the bottom of this page: where you can see accessories for the DL 1000. He is a bit on the expensive side though... Maybe the DL 1000 was not sold with the CLS-450 from the beginning and will only fit the the mentioned adaptor? I must confess I have not use the enlarger, bought it last spring but it will be mounted this fall.

    Richard, check the above mentioned link and there are some other dealers att that has accessories for Durst.

  6. My DL 1000 has a Pavelle 401 colour head on it. It was obviously modified to work properly by the previous owner. I know nothing about this head though, the scales on the colour balance knobs are different from any others I've seen. Does anyone know about this one?
    Great enlarger though!
  7. You are correct...the old Durst Enlargers were built like tanks. I have
    a room full of them. Main machine is an ROP-45. The CLS 450 is listed in the old literature as fitting the Pro Lab Enlarger and the CE1000. It listed for $745 years ago but if you go to Jobo today I would expect it to be in the 3k to 4k range. Someplace I seem to remember a CLS 300 that would also fit on the 1000 but I cannot find any reference to it. I have a Beseler 45 head to Durst 800 series adapter that would allow you to mount the Beseler on some durst machines.
    Good luck and enjoy the machine. After using my first Durst in 1965 I cannot go back to the other "Flimsey" brands. Ha!

    Regards, Jim Hicks

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