colour accuracy issue with D50?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jr stevens, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I was testing my new d50 yesterday (just shooting different coloured cars on the street) and everything was excellent until i photographed a purple car next to a blue one....the camera must have gotten confused cause the picture on the LCD showed both cars as blue !! ...has anyone else had an issue with this camera in terms of colour accuracy? could it have been a lighting situation ( I was photgraphing them on an overcast day near dusk....could this trick the camera's exposure ,meter?
  2. Purple does not show up well on many camera monitors. It should look fine on your computer and when printed. Have you looked at the file on your computer?
  3. yes, it still looked blue!
  4. Purple is one of the most difficult colors to photograph--film or digital. I read somewhere that it's because there really isn't a color purple. Our brain is simply trained to see purple. Don't know if that's an accurate statement or not. I do know I shot some photos of purple clemantis flowers with a film camera a few years ago and the prints looked the right color. But a friend who saw the photos said they didn't look purple. That led me to believe the flowers in the prints looked purple to me because I had actually seem the real flowers and so my brain recreated the hue when I looked at the print. My friend didn't have the point of reference (or is colorblind:))
  5. Purple can be photographed on the D50. Here's proof.
    HOWEVER, I've found that it is a challenging color to photograph, and I shoot raw and adjust the white balance for this sometimes.
  6. But, Peter... This flower looks blue!!
    No, just kidding (it looks purple to me)
  7. "There isn't really a color purple"? This likely is an "in-accurate" statement.
  8. I saw this essay linked from before. It explains the difficulty with purple...
  9. Just curious... have you tried printing it?
  10. Elliot,
    Good point! I can say for my example above, I did print it and it is my favorite print I ever made. It is JUST the right purple and sharp as can be. A testament to the amazing 55mm f3.5 more than anything else.

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