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  1. Hi,
    When trying to calibrate an Asus notebook monitor (Intel Graphics HD 4000) Colormunki Display repeatedly tells me that it's unable to create LUT. After one attempt, the colors in LR 4.4 had an extreme magenta cast, but View NX2 did not. Anyway, after a couple of more attempts, the colors in LR returned to what seems normal.
    So what might be going on? I ran a LUT tester program and it said that "sequel imaging calibration programs will work with this computer". I read other solutions that suggested using an RGB default profile, but couldn't find such an animal on the computer. Also, changing the white point to 6500, unable to do so since this wasn't a display alteration choice.
    OS is Windows 8. I plan on using this notebook as an "on the road" review of photos so calibration isn't absolutely critical, but it just bugs me when things don't work as expected.
    Thanks for any ideas or solutions,
  2. Did ColorMunki successfully create a profile for the monitor and save it?
  3. Sorry, Dave, got sidetracked this day. No, it created one and when I tried saving it that's when it showed me the before and after pictures (horrible) and had the message can't create LUT.
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    Its not the netbook. I have this issue too on a fairly new Dell PC c/w a new Dell 2410 display. I haven't had time to address it yet and I have , like you been able to produce and use a new profile. Sorry- I can only sympathise and hope a knowledgeable answer comes along.
  5. What is meant by "LUT"
    My experience is with a ColorMunki that gave a warning "Unable to Load Profile". This happens when a profile has not been defined as a 'default' - for some unknown reason.
    using an RGB default profile, but couldn't find such an animal on the computer​
    Following are some notes I made some time ago for my problem- it may assist you.
    In WINDOWS-7 ( & Vista)
    Colour profiles exist in the sub-folder: C:\Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color
    It would be unusual for a default profile not to be installed in Windows-7 (or Vista).
    To Check the DEFAULT Colour PROFILE-
    1. Open Control Panel. [START]>[CONTROL PANEL]
    2. Select- [COLOUR MANAGEMENT]
    3. Select the TAB- ADVANCED
    4. In the boxed area "Windows Color System Defaults" the "Device Profile" is most likely set to [sRGB IEC61966-2.1]
    The profile can be changed or set as the default, in the 'Drop-down' box (eg. Adobe RGB 1998 is at the top of the list). A profile created by Color-Munki (or other Calibrators) will also appear in this list.
    When ColorMunki asks to save your created profile, give it a filename that is easily recognizable such as- "YOUR NAME-date" so as not to overwrite existing profiles.
    And another thought- A laptop of mine would never load the ColorMunki profile at startup- I discovered that the Nvidia Graphics Driver software was preventing it from loading or rather over-writing the ColorMunki profile after it had loaded!
  6. An "LUT" is a Look Up Table. It's a table that ColorMunki creates to list the differences between what you have and what you want. For example, the real color of the ocean in your photo might be "Blue A" but your uncalibrated monitor might display the ocean as "Blue B," which is a little different than the true color. ColorMunki measures the difference between Blue A and Blue B and stores it in the LUT. Then it applies that difference to Blue B and your monitor will now display Blue A, which is the true color of the ocean in your photo. The LUT is part of the profile that ColorMunki creates and tries to save as the monitor profile to make calibration work.
  7. Eugene Scherba's 2nd post on the linked PN discussion below explains with pictures what a LUT is which on the Mac is referred to as a 'vcgt' tag here...

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