Colorado Springs? Specific photo ops suggestions pls

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  1. I have 2 weekends left in Colorado Springs and I would like to make
    the most of them. My photo background is action sports and
    modeling. Of course, I have done the nature and landscape

    I am interested in what "must see" sites people know of. I have
    already been to Garden of the Gods -- while I love it there, I don't
    feel like going back. Same as Cave of the Winds.

    These photos are for myself -- nothing commercial with them. I
    would like something challenging and different to photograph. No
    ideas though. Just wanting some mental stimulation in the photo
    area. :)

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I've got a few I can think of but my memory's getting rusty without living there.

    The tourist traps you've missed so far are Seven Falls, Pikes Peak (view from top), and of course the Academy.

    For a more interesting trip take the drive up through Victor and Cripple Creek. Lots of interesting old mining stuff. And hit Manitou Springs on the way if you want to do some people watching.

    There's also the Florissant fossil beds though I don't know how photogenic they would be. You could probably hit this on the same expedition as Cripple Creek if you manage your time right.

    If the Starr Kempf sculptures haven't been taken down yet you could get some pictures of those. Unfortunately the local snobs of the neighborhood they are located in instisted that they be removed and managed to tweak-interpret the zoning rules to accomplish this. But if the process isn't complete it's something to see. This would be just a side trip of an hour tops. That is if it still exists.

    Bishop Castle - Ambition + incompetence = very interesting architecture

    Helen Hunt falls, Raindow Falls - as hiking trips go these are said to be a must and the view from them is great too.

    The local Ren Fair in Larkspur should be in full swing this time or year if I recall. You'd have to check with them if they'd let you bring the camera, but I don't think it would be a problem.

    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. If you really wanted some more I could interrogate the parents as they have done quite a bit of scenic driving in the area especially in the more interesting, less touristy spots.
  3. I'll throw in a few suggestions to go along with the previous poster's:

    The North Cheyenne Canyon area has a lot of options for scenics, (previous poster mentioned Helen Hunt falls) with waterfalls and the High Drive. I belive the Kempf sculptures mentioned are also in this area. Unfortunately, they began removing/moving them last week I believe.

    If you decide to go to Cripple Creek/Victor, I'd suggest taking Gold Camp road if you've got a 4 wheel drive vechicle and are comfortable driving narrow dirt roads with no guardrails. Alternatively, you could take highway 24 west of the Springs to Divide (stop in Green Mountain Falls between the Springs and Woodland Park) and then take highway 67 south to Cripple Creek/Victor. Lots of views on both roads, and Mueller State Park is about 7 or so miles south of Divide on 67. One thing that never fails to make me smile on this drive is passing the little store just east of Divide that sells Jerky exclusively and has a big "THANKS VETS" sign up. I realize they mean military veterans and appreciate their sentiment, but it is just too funny on a jerky shack.

    If you're up for a day trip, head over to the Salida/Buena Vista/Leadville area. Lots of old ghost towns and mining camps (I'd highly reccomend St. Elmo and Clear Creek road), the Colligiate Peaks, and good wildlife veiwing along the way and north of Leadville. I was there last weekend and the towns are hopping with the rafting season getting underway.

    What I would do is head to the local library and invest some time looking at books like "The Colorado Guide" (Caughey & Winstanley) and "Colorado Scenic Guide: Southern Region" (Lee Stanley).

    Best of luck.
  4. I also recommend John Fielder's book, Best of Colorado. It presents the state
    of Colorado from a photographer's perspective. I hope you find it helpful.
  5. You want different and challenging, go out past Lake George up towards the Hayman burn area of last year. It is open again and you could do something with charred trees and new growth. Not your standard landscape anymore.
  6. What an excellent suggestion Bob! I didn't even think about that, and the front page Gazette article on the 1 year anniversary was staring me in the face.

    I think I'm going to bust out of work early for a drive!

    Thanks again Bob.
  7. Hard to beleive nobody mentioned Garden of the Gods, a city owned park that, in its own way, rivals some of the spectacular red rock scenics of the Southwest. This is an absolute do not miss photo op rigtht there in downtown Colorado Springs.

    Also consider Castle Rock.
  8. Oops - sorry. didn't read the original question in enough detail.

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