Color temperature of GE Reveal bulbs, according to GE

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  1. Perhaps nobody cares about this, but just in case. In a post quite
    awhile back someone said that they measured the color temperature of
    GE reveal light bulbs to be around 3400K. I emailed GE and a
    customer service person responded and said that they burn at 2850,
    quite a bit cooler than previously posted. Now of course, it might
    be wise to trust the person who actually took a temperature
    measurement (owing to sample variations?), but the discrepency is
    worth noting.
  2. 2850 would be warmer than a regular bulb, not cooler.
  3. ray


    ...responded and said that they burn at 2850,..
    My understanding is that these are normal household tungsten bulbs with neodymium coated glass that filters the light. So the bulbs may very well "burn" at a fairly warm temperature of 2850 but the light is being filtered. Hence, the final temperature may be cooler, but still won't be anywhere near the 5000K light that we get from strobes.
  4. Hmm. So perhaps I should have phrased my question differently? I'll try again and ask them what color temperature it actually puts out (as opposes to burns). Does it sound reasonable that that extra coating could make about 650K difference in output color temperature (which would be the case if the bulb burns at 2850, but outputs 3400k)?
  5. 3400-2850=550
  6. Oops.

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