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  1. Hi there,
    I made a CD booklet and submitted it to an internet print service as a pdf. I was told the document had to be changed from RGB to CMYK 8for ten bucks). Ok.
    The printout turned out to be very different from the proof print I had made at a local print shop.
    Later I was told that this was due to my not doing the color management myself. I would need to work in a specific color space that is attached to the pdf.
    Does anyone know how I could solve this problem WITHOUT changing my profession (I will stay a musician and not become anything else, nor will I spend thousands of bucks on software).
    I work with OS X 5.5 and pages. Any ideas or hints that could help?
    Thanks, Chris
  2. There are various ISO standard for pdf files. They are known as pdf-X and pdf-A, check the link:
    In this ISO version of pdf files, a color profile is included for color accuracy. With acrobat 8 you can check this at menu advanced>preflight, sometimes you can also make your pdf compliant to pdf-x specifications! I can say anithing else for now, let me now how do yo make the booklet, I try to give you more information!
    Saluti, Roberto!
  3. Thousands of bucks will just add more complications, change profession :) or better, change print shop to one that can work with your format. Here are a few thing you can read up on color managements (very dry and boring reading). The idea of color management is simple, #1 synchronize and calibrate all your equipments (software and hardware) to the same color and send to the print shop with the format they accept and you have test and know what to expect. Good luck.
  4. Roberto,
    I use Apple pages (part of iWork) for the booklet and use JPEGs out of iPhoto.
    Thanks for the reading links, both of you.

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