Color negative film for black and white scans?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by richard_golonka, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Portra is made for scanning.
  2. How is Portra different from VPS?

    It was always close enough for me not to wonder about the difference.
  3. You can develop color as black and white. Go to flickr to check it out.
  4. wow, did not know!
  5. I've done color as B&W before, but to me it's mostly been either to try and salvage something from C-22, or when I had a roll in a camera I bought that I was curious to see what was on it but not curious enough to pay the lab $4 to find out :) . I would not want to do it for routine use, and the orange mask can be somewhat of a hindrance if you're printing on MG paper(I've found Kodak Portra 400BW/T400CN to be difficult to be somewhat more challenging than to print than XP2 Super for that reason also).

    I've not developed XP2 Super in B&W chemistry, but Ilford DOES specifically advise against it. To me, that amounts to to something, as Ilford has datasheets on a a decent amount of alternative processing stuff-including, for example-B&W reversal processing(and what films work/don't work)-and I wouldn't put it past them to give instructions if they'd found a way to do conventional B&W processing on XP2 Super with acceptable results.

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