color mark on the edge of film (velvia 50) on correctly processed film: orange or yellow?

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  1. As happened in the past (see the following link ) a lab gave me what I think are
    bad processed film. The colors seems a bit off, too much toward yellow, an the sky present dark vertical stripes, othernthan many
    frames show spots of dust.
    So i shot the same pictures on two different rolls (same emulsion number, swapping film back on my hasselblad) and developed in this
    lab (call it lab A) and in another lab (lab B). The film developed by lab A is way overexposed, instead the film developed in the lab B is ok.
    Now i recall that all the roll i recently developed in the lab A seem overexposed but Before this check I thought it was my mistake.
    Anyway I showed the problem to the tecnician an the owner of the lab and they stated that the film thy developed is ok (they checked the
    density of the black) and the film developed by the lab B is underdeveloped because the black is too black and the marcs on the edge of
    the film is orange instead of yellow. I always seen the mark orange in the past ,may be not so dark (this could explay why the dark is too
    much dark), but orange or dark yellow, not yellow, in all labs I used.
    So which is the correct color? Dark yellow, orange, or yellow?
    Thank you in advance.
  2. Ask to see the control strip logs at both labs, and ask when they last calibrated their densitometer. If they can't, or aren't willing, they are not a professional lab.
    (Control strips are precisely pre-exposed strips of film produced by Kodak and Fuji, which you process, and then read with a densitometer. They are how you measure the accuracy of E-6 and C-41 processing in an objective manner.)
  3. Densitometer should be calibrated at least daily and also control strip should be run daily also.
  4. The lab B is one of those who collect films froj different places so I don't who and where is, the lab A showed a strip but how can we be
    shure of the day (or hour) ofmprocessing? There is no way because there is no reference number on the film. I will search another lab
    and then, sadly, when I finished my stock of slide I think I will stop to shot slides, I'm more and more into B&W for these reason too. Sad
    but this is how the things goes here in Italy.

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