College Years part 5

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  1. When I found my high school negatives last week I also located some more college year negatives. These are early ones (freshman year), Used Konica Auto S2 for these images. Film was Plus-X.
    foggy morning, taken from Hilbun Hall breezeway

    a high school classmate that I got reacquainted with in college. I had known her since I was 5. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.

    not sure where on campus this was, at the time I thought that to be an odd voltage, but I'm not an electrical engineer

    the girl down the street hoping to borrow her mom's car in exchange for washing it

    more photos to come as soon as I scan some more.
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  2. Comments and similar photos always welcome.
    I have several rolls from this time period in half frame format. I had a Bell & Howell Dial 35 that I really enjoyed using.
  3. From my graduate school days (daze)
    Mem Hall and the Yard from the still incomplete William James Hall
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  4. Nice image, JDM. By any chance do you remember any technical aspects of the image?
  5. Here's a few more from the Konica.
    window in stack tiers in Mitchell Library

    I used to go up there to study as it was quiet. Someone wrote on the "do not open" sign "or the Andromeda Strain will come in".

    time between classes meant table tennis or shooting pool
    does this guy look familiar? Check image two from high school post


    back home (since I commuted to class)
    skating on the balcony

    some minor flooding
  6. Probably my Steinheil Culmigon 35mm f4,5 M42 mount. Definitely Heiland Pentax H2. Film was likely Ektachrome, though usually I shot Kodachrome in those days.
  7. Thank, JDM. I do have a pair of Steinheil M42 lenses: a Steinheil Munchen 40mm f3.5 and a Steinheil Culminar Culminar 135mm f4.5. Still in great shape and work well.
  8. Turns out that I have a lot of photos from those years, but not a lot from on campus. This one at least is of campus, even if it's not on campus. (Olympus pen-FT, Tri-X)

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  9. Nice shot, Leslie. I shot a lot more half frame during those years than I remembered, mostly Tri-X since that's what my dad usually had in his bulk loader. Occasionally Plus-X. Really had some fun with the Dial 35 once when I shot a roll of High Speed Ektachrome in it and processed it in our darkroom with a Unicolor E-4 kit. Instead of cutting and mounting we ran it through a filmstrip projector at a friend's church.
  10. I had this link out for an example of 30 year (after exposure) Tri-X, but it belongs here, too.

    This is the last days of my college dorm life.

    I needed some pictures for our dorm's section in the yearbook, so bought 50 feet of Tri-X.
    The last roll was after the yearbook was sent out for printing, so there wasn't need to
    actually develop it. My father found it, still in the camera, 30 years later.

    Developed in Diafine, because that is what I had at the time, though not the best
    choice for 30 year old TX. The camera is a Canon VI, most likely with a 35mm
    (non Canon) lens, and many with a Vivitar 283 flash.

    Page House a long time ago | Facebook
  11. Thanks for the link, Glen. Always nice to see some college photos.
  12. College students now know to expect that their pictures might end up on FB, but
    students 40 years ago wouldn't have thought about that.
  13. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Forty years from now none of those FB pictures will exist anymore.
  14. But somewhere, the original negatives could survive. FB and other social media as well as means of electronic storage will change over time and today's current storage will eventually be unreadable, but unless direct viewing and optics go out of style, one can always look at a print or negative.
  15. This doesn't seem to be discussed much, but I suspect that people do a better job of keeping negatives than they do of backing up their digital devices.

    Storing an envelope of negative in a drawer isn't optimal, but it usually works.
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  16. There is a girl at the school where I help the yearbook photogs.
    Her external HD failed, and she was almost in tears about loosing all the pix and video on it. Yes, no backup. She said cloud backup took too long, and she did not want another local HD for local backup. So she rolled the dice to go without backup . . . and lost.
    She was trying to blame the manufacturer of the drive, and trying to get them to recover her files, for free.
  17. A few more from my college days. These are from 1978. Early that spring I had saved enough to buy a Minolta SRT 201 with 50mm f1.7 lens from stock (at cost of course). My dad often let me borrow lenses from display to try out. One that I really liked was the Minolta Celtic 135mm f2.8.
    I think I took most of these during spring break of that year.
    my sister, Minolta SRT 201 135mm f2,8 Celtic, Tri-X

    the big serve,same gear and film

    When I wasn't taking pictures I was either playing tennis or basketball. I probably had my racket in the trunk of my car on the day I took this picture.

    tasty tennis racket? same gear as above

    Back then rackets were traditional in size except for the oversize Prince. I later bought the racket (a Head Pro) from the friend who was serving in photo 2.
  18. upload_2017-10-16_18-40-8.jpeg
    My car for my junior and senior college years. 1971 Impala. Konica Auto S2, Tri-X

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