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    Has anyone heard of this company? I have a Coleman-Dynamic Optics 50mm f2.8 lens. Aperture range is 2.8 to 22.
    It may perhaps be an enlarging lens. Lens is approximately 2 1/2 inches high, and about the same width. Aperture ring is in front focus ring behind. I have not been able to find anything at all about this lens, I've even contacted a few camera shops who also knew nothing of this lens. I'm at the baffled stage at the moment

    Thanks in advance for any guidance
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    m42dave Dave E.

    This German page shows a photo of what sounds like the same lens in Exakta/Exa mount:

    Kleines Tessar für die Exa by Photo but More

    The translation reads: "Less well known - because they are not as common or because of a slightly different design - are other gems from the Far East. The 50 mm f / 2.8 from COLEMAN-DYNAMIC OPTICS from a Japanese manufacturer unknown to me only shows its pedigree in a direct comparison with the Exa-Tessar. It was probably built around 1965/70."

    I haven't heard of the Coleman-Dynamic name before, but perhaps it was a house brand.
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    m42dave Dave E.

    There was also a company called Beattie-Coleman, Inc., which made specialized cameras. Don't know if the brand is related to your lens, though.
  4. An enlarging lens won't have a focussing ring. Sounds like a Tessar copy for a camera.
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    Thank you .. more than I've been able to find. I'll have to see if an Exacta to E mount will let me mount it and see how it performs .. *if* it still works. However focus and aperture rings work well ...
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    I just took a look and compared my lens to some of the photos on the page and it appears to look very much like the Zeiss Jena it was probably copied by whatever company in Japan

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