Cold weather advice?

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  1. I use a Sony a900 and a77 and need some cold weather advice. When going from a warm environment like my car out into the cold my lens fogs up. How do I prevent that and can the fogging damage my lens? I usually use a Tokina 11-16/2.8 or Tamron 28-75/2.8 depending on what camera I'm using. And what about the opposite? Getting in my car after being out in the cold, that also fogs up the lens.
  2. Leave it in the bag coming from a cold to a warm area.Let it come to temperature in a closed container. The same applies in winter or summer, going outside from an air conditioned space.

    Condensation on an outside surface won't cause harm, and can be easily cleaned if spots appear. I'm more concerned about internal surfaces.
  3. Drive with the windows down. Yes, really.
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    Oh, yeah. 13 degrees F X 60 MPH = -25.7 F
    Wind Chill Calculator
    Big zip locks rule.
  5. Ziplocks don't work going from a warm car to 0-fahrenheit. :)

    It was -3 this morning and my windows were down. Had to jump out to shoot this buck at the lowest temp of the day:

    [​IMG]Big Buck Enjoys Dried, Frosted Milkweed by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Of course, my parka, boots, mittens, etc. are rated for 50-below! All the experienced shooters that I know, either drive with the windows down or carry the gear in the trunk. Just know you'll miss shots if you gear is in the trunk.

    BTW, this shot was at 800mm and ISO 25600. My Sony a9 didn't slow down, even after standing in temps around 0 for over two-hours.

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