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Discussion in 'Minox' started by brian__|2, Jan 10, 2000.

  1. Cokin makes a filter system for point-n-shoot cameras. Has anyone tried this system on the Minox 35?




  2. no, not tried yet.
    but: there is a UV-filter for the Minox 35,
    and this is made (as far as I know) from
    Heliopan. This company do make all kinds
    of filters, so they should also make other
    filters of demand for the 35 (as special order).
    There is an internet page:
  3. It's right! Cokin made an adaptator for the compact cameras. It fits
    PERFECTLY on a Minox 35. Rectangular filters are 2mm in front of the
    lens, firmly attached. And the system IS NOT mounted on the fragile
    lens, but on the bottom plate of the camera (using the tripod tread).


    Unfortunately, I've been told that Cokin discontinued to produce
    these adaptators. I've found a shop which sell them. They've got them
    in stock since at least 5 years !
    If you do not manage to find this Cokin accessory, send me an email,
    I could buy one for you (of course, withour doing any benefit!). It
    cost 10 Australian dollars.
  4. Here is a place which sells compact camera holder for Cokin filter
    Cokin filter
  5. I've found the Cokin filter adapter for the P&S is less than perfect.
    When mounted, it doesn't allow for the camera cover to be fully
    opened. I've tried it only once on my GT-E and gave up. I'd like to
    know if the advice that it "works perfectly" is based on experienc or
    just reading an older Cokin brouchure. Seems we should be careful
    with such evaluations when not actually trying the device on the
    camera. BTW, I also have a Minox ML and the same results obtain:
    totally unusable!!!
  6. Steve
    I suspect that Cokin had discontinued the older version of
    filter adapter which Nicolas Oxtone used. Since newer compact cameras
    are thinner, the revised filter holder fits the newer compact and
    does not fit Minox, which needs more head room.
    Since Nicolas Oxtone now runs
    you may post a question and ask him about it

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