Cokin Filter Holder P with 45/4.0

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by michael___|6, Oct 12, 1998.

  1. I am about to buy either a 45 or a 55 for my P67. My question is if one can use the Cokin Filter Holder size P without any vignetting with either the 45 or 55? The 45 I know requires a 82 mm filter but since Cokin makes a adapter for 82 mm threads this will fit in theory.
    The 55 has a smaller thread (77 mm) so how about that combination?
  2. Hi Michael,
    I had used the P-System with the 45mm, with different results. The
    polarazing filter from Cokin will show heavy vignetting. The
    half-color filter (I don4t know the english word for this kind of
    filter) can be used, but I have modified the P holder.
    I get an old version of the holder (not so round-shaped like the new
    one) and cut the first 2 holding stripes off. So I can only use one
    filter in this holder, but this special version works also with my
    20mm lens (35mm format).


    Hope I can help you

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