Coincidences, synchronicities or just cool s#!+ that accidentally appeared in your pic!

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  1. I was standing at the top of this stairway, intrigued by the lines and structure and working on using the right amount of camera motion to get the blurred look that I envisioned would work best. A woman wearing a red leather jacket and black pants began to descend the stairway and I took several frames with a slow shutter vertical pan. The woman's jacket tying in with the red brick and her pants syncing with the black uprights in the rail is what makes this photo. The other frames without the woman are boring. The set up for the shot was intentional the woman walking into my frame was happenstance.

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  2. You mean the placement of your eye? If so, I agree. If you mean that anything else was intentional, I would disagree. Everything in that picture is "happenstance" except for Gordon J. Bowbrick ©.
  3. Above photo reminds me of this one. The guy actually apologized for "messing up my photo". I told him he made the photo.
    Cannery Row 14c_American Tin Cannery_1.jpg
  4. [​IMG]

    At some point before I developed the film, the film door on the back of my Yashica TLR was knocked slightly open. It's possible it was never closed all the way. The green cloud and streak underneath the street lights on the right was the result. A similar but sharper streak appeared in a daylight shot, - which I don't like but still looks kind of cool.


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