Coffee With Al Kaplan, Chapter 3

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by james mitchell (dc), Nov 16, 2004.

  1. I had the pleasure of having coffee and the company of Al Kaplan last week in Miami. We shot opening scenes of the upcoming Al Kaplan film. But the highlight was an innocent trip to Al's local North Miami Starbucks coffee shop, where we were accosted by North Miami City Councilman Michael Blynn. Mr. Blynn announced in an excited tone that he had a very important "client" inside, and that Al and I were welcome to bring in "a couple of cameras" to take some shots, if we so desired. Upon discovering that Mr. Blynn's client was a New York Yankees' baseball player, I looked into the situation. Apparently, Alex Rodriguez and his entourage were seated at a table with Mr. Blynn. Again, Mr. Blynn came outside and asked if we were interested in taking a few photos, but I told him that we were busy shooting the Al Kaplan film. After Blynn walked back inside, dumbfounded, Al asked me: "Who the f*ck is A-Rod?"
  2. nice shot james.
  3. i like the dust and streaks....good stuff
  4. Damn, that lens brings out the best in me. No wonder first Mikal Glass wanted one, and now you want one. I wonder if we can find some 50's vintage Nikon glass in Arri mount? Give the whole film "that look"!
  5. grant, you're being an ass. Dust and streaks are a part of life (film life).
  6. Pipe down, Grant! Anyways, that's called grey hair. ;-)

    Just kidding, Al. You look very handsome, I think it just might be my favorite so far. You look very cool and distinguished. No cigarette, huh?

    Nice shot, James!
  7. its a part of being a slob...slacker
  8. Thank you, Melisa. Al's a great guy. He sure poses better when you're using his lens!
  9. I wish the topic of Al Kaplan on this forum was a little more about
    photography and a little less about his mini-celebrity..... but,

    What happened to his work (of portraits of others) you were
    going to present? Seems to have petered out.
  10. Well, you're not gonna be in the movie!

    Apparently you missed Al Kaplan Day on the 9th. Self portraits here:
  11. Nice pic. Now I want the lens. And Grant, just taking a few good pictures doesn't give you
    license to be a jackass. What's the point? Is it your goal to be as annoying in as many
    threads as possible? Go back to posting nice pics and keeping relatively clam why don't
    you? Criminy.
  12. I wish that "photographers" on this forum concentrated more on positive ideas than trying to denegrade people whom they dislike either through jealousy or confederacy with like-minded phobic simpletons. Show a little respect. That's not so much to ask.
  13. hey man, hes the slob fotog...whats wrong with trying to promote some care in ones work? why take the time to shoot, scan and post a pic and be sloppy about it? it shows to me you dont really care about what you do, so why should anyone else?
  14. It's a very good portrait -- quite expressive.

    Grant's a New Yorker. He's (i)sulking over the Yankees' post-season collapse; (ii)jealous that he hasn't been invited to photograph A-Rod; and (iii)annoyed that you guys weren't eager to fawn over A-Rod, given the chance.

    Who needs A-Rod? Here on the Forum, we've got K-Rod.
  15. james, ive never seen anyone make more excuses for sloppy work than you do...trying to pawn off your lack of care for an image on someone else isnt gonna work....take responsibilty for your images...
  16. grant, this isn't an art gallery. It's an on-line forum. You're paying far too much attention to my crappy work. What gives?
  17. heh, ok more excuses....whatever...
  18. So, the importance is not in the quality of the picture taken with the fine Leica lens, but the quality of your digi skills. Just trying to get it straight, I don't hang out here much.
  19. grant, you're being silly. I gave one excuse: there's a tiny bit of dust on the pic. You need a real hobby.
  20. melisa, do you think dust and scratches adds to the quality of this image?

    james, if you dont care about youre work fine..
  21. Grant asks: "...whats wrong with trying to promote some care in ones work? ..."

    Nothing at all. And you could've done that in a much better and more constructive way, by suggesting that this scan could be improved by some photoshop treatment ... without the snide remark. Others have done that many times. It's helpful when done right.

    You've posted 6 times on this one photo, Grant. What's that old saying about when one gets into a hole ... ?
  22. why mince words....theres dust, it looks
  23. No kidding, I didn't even notice the marks until you pointed it out. Wouldn't a friendly e-mail w/ some suggestions be a little more constructive. But, I'm guessing your not here to help as much as criticize.
  24. melisa, you might wanna try working on seeing...
  25. grant, I don't want to argue. You have some very good work (and I do mean that), and I respect you as a photographer. I don't live as a photographer. It's something I do once in a while. I'm not a perfectionist in that field. And I'd rather not be treated as someone who is obsessed with perfection and digital manipulation, etc. Please, lighten up. I don't deserve this much attention.
  26. Grant, I'm a stickler for dust too, but come on. It's just a forum share. Did you have a bad day? Do you need to talk?
  27. <p>ja
  28. Grant, why don't you come down to Miami and shoot your own pictures. I'm not charging James for "modeling" and I won't charge you either. I'll even let you use the 85mm f/2 Nikkor. Hell, I'll even let you use your choice of my M bodies! I'll let you use the same darkroom, mine, that was used by the former director of the Magnum Photo Agency in New York back when he was a student at nearby North Miami Sr. High. You can use the same tanks, reels and enlarger.
  29. What does that mean? Not from these parts. Are you calling me a jack ass? ;-)
  30. Same offer to you Melisa!
  31. you gonna buy me a ticket?
  32. You couldn't handle it, AL.
  33. Al, you don't want grant using your cameras and lenses. He'll run them through his sonic cleaners and destroy the AKBokeh.
  34. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    I'd visit but it looks way too dusty, would probably cause all sorts of allergy problems.
  35. i'll use my cell phone cam and get better pix than urs james, dont worry about that...
  36. grant has his idiot posse out tonight.
  37. man u sure whine a lot for someone who doesnt care about photography...
  38. There are more than one of them? Scary place, the Leica Forum. Thank God, I brought extra PMS.
  39. if you took grant outa nyc...well, it would be interesting to see the pix. let's face it folks photoging there is well....ya know. put him in Roy, NM and let's see
  40. I'm honored that you care so much, but I have to say good night.
  41. Very good portrait of Al! I have the discontinued 85/2 Nikkor SLR version on an FM2N. Anyone know if they are similar designs?

    As for dust and streaks, remember the late Suzuki Roshi's terse advice: "Seek perfection in imperfection."
  42. what makes you think ive never been outta nyc claudia?
  43. What happened to his work (of portraits of others) you were going to present?
    Uh, no answer huh? Just more hero worship. You can call it whatever you want, lots of puff and little content is bs, especially to the extent you guys push it.
  44. Al: ".....the same darkroom, mine, that was used by the former
    director of the Magnum Photo Agency in New York........"

    Being an ex-director of Magnum's NY office doesn't give you
    membership of a particularly exclusive club - the average tenure
    is in the region of 12 months. In the photo industry that particular
    position is now known as being in "the departure lounge", only
    the very brave or the very foolhardy (preferably both brave and
    foolhardy) now apply. Maybe you could apply for the job yourself
    Al, it'll probably be vacant again after next summers AGM..........
  45. grant, post some of those outta nyc photos for us. and we can see if your guru thing holds up.
  46. ive posted many....maybe you were taking your noon nap?
  47. this sums up texas for me.....hows that?
    <img src="">
  48. Ray, I think the problem has been finding a person to scan his work. I think it's good that Al has remained "pure". I quess I would be a little worried to pass that responsibility, especially after the "Battle of the Dust".

    Send them to Grant, Al. What do you think, Grant?
  49. yeah, lame grant. but it's an answer of sorts. got any other stuff you want to hurl at me, lamely?
  50. heh, yea yea....boohoo
  51. if my father of 60 some odd years can do it so can al....
  52. I think it's good that Al has remained "pure".
    Yeah, I once caught a bad case of Scanner Syphilis, and I also had CCD Chlamydia.. nasty buggers...
  53. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    I don't think Al said he couldn't "do it," did he?
  54. ok claudia you like color maybe u'll like this...

    <img src="">
    altho i have the feeling anything i post youre gonna be against...
  55. Anybody else see a Mona Lisa-like smile on Al? Maybe he's thinking of all the crazy comments his photo will elicit.
  56. grant, i am not against anything you post. i am just against your preachinesss. oh, and jeff's and brad's too. it gets stale.
  57. Grant, you are impossible, aren't you? Who's butt do you have to kiss on a daily basis, to bring out all this cranky?
  58. oh claudia, such can never seem to back up your useless drivel, be it pix or words.....
  59. ya think maybe grant has this oedipal thing going with Al? gotta kill off the father to be a real man? dunno, just musing about grant's animosity toward Al who seems to be an ok guy. but then he is...old! freud again.
  60. Nah, he just want's a t-shirt.
  61. ahhh, now were gettin somewhere...
  62. Grant, I can't believe that you think you're speaking English. Show some pride in your writing... slob.
  63. There's a Dust and Writing Patrol here?
  64. yeah, it would be cool to see a self portrait of grant wearing an Al shirt. so, grant could we stop with the nap time references and pix slamming?
  65. Al, Grant needs a t-shirt. (me too)
  66. yea al, sign it too...ok?
  67. ...I think it's good that Al has remained "pure".
  68. Are you sure that's not Ralph Nader???
  69. Driving across the U.S.A. in the summer of '86...
  70. James, that is a very good portrait IMO- one of the best I have seen here for a while.
  71. OT: That's a cute car. What is it?
  72. Ford Fiesta
  73. Some kind of Ford Fiesta (Its UK name.). In Texas it is probably called.. 'something stuck in my tyre tread'!)
  74. where's the coffee?
  75. It's a Ford Fiesta (an old one)
  76. Great thread!
  77. It was a Fiesta here in the U.S., too. After that, I had a Mk1 Golf/Rabbit GTI for 12 years. I guess that means I have a death wish. My neighbor's SUV has a boarding ladder, I kid you not! :-(
  78. "... gotta kill off the father to be a real man? "

    That, and trying to elevate an obsession with dust into a virtue. If "care" was important in itself, we would see some care in his writing too.
  79. rj


    Ahh, Golfs, great little cars.

    James, I like this shot, nicely composed with a background that isn't distracting. The dust doesn't bother me, in fact, I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out. I don't quite understand why an image scanned for a web forum posting needs to be technically perfect, especially when the important part of the post is the story, a funny story at that. If this were shot for a newspaper story, the dust wouldn't even show up in print. Anyway, I agree with Chris Combs sentiments above.
  80. James, if I were you, I'd take grant's first response and move on. It's just simple PS. Excellent shot(and development) btw.
  81. James

    Nice shot - I only noticed the dust after all the pathetic sniping.
  82. For you folks who want T-shirts James is still selling them. All I ever did was "pose" for the photo that Johnny G took of me. I got a couple shirts out of the deal, no money. Since James is getting them printed up a dozen or two at a time on nice heavy weight T's with good high quality photo reproduction, and mailing them out Priority Mail there really is no profit.
  83. No prophet?
  84. So...who the f*ck IS this A-rod?"
  85. So...who the f*ck IS this A-rod?"
    C'mon Lee, sober up...he happens to be a curse, a player instilled with so much evil that he brings great teams down with him. Thank god the Sox never signed him, whould have been doomed for another 100 years.
  86. Ohhh. He's a "baseball player". One who engages in the sport of cardiac patients.

  87. Well. Hasn't this been fun. Cripes what a trainwreck.
  88. i guess that would make al the caboose?
  89. OK, forget Al and James...... Lee, you're really getting me upset
    now. You've just poop poohed on the greatest game ever
    invented by man. I'm done with you. :p
  90. Speaking of poop poo, Grant must be the cattle car.
  91. <img src="">
  92. Al's standing IN the caboose...... pulled by a steam
    locomotive.......on a whistle stop campaign.
  93. This is the best thread I've lurked in a hell of a long time. Thanks, y'all, for the amusement on this boring day at work.
  94. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I suspect that Al and Grant might get along just fine. ;)
    Anonymized to protect the innocent-ish
  95. Maybe Al and Grant are the same person???
  96. They tried it, but they didn't inhale...
  97. Anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?
  98. Why are there Jeter and A-Rod ads on this page? Uncanny!
  99. Maybe Al and Grant are the same person???
    Forgot to add with a personality disorder.
  100. Oh, Al inhaled, look at that technique.
  101. Where's Eliot? This thread is unravelling out of control ...
  102. Grant is not an ass, he just uses his for a hat. Grant and his fellow travellers are the reason
    I do not post photos on any more. If a person does not belong to grant's "cult"
    you just leave yourself open to endless ridicule and abuse. Who needs that kind of crap?
    Grant and his crowd gets to stay and Jay is banned. Why? BTW, in answer to Al's question:
    A-Rod is a girly-man.
  103. Jim, stop crying, be a man. Chin up, chest out, wipe those tears. There, i bet you feel better now.

    Nice to see that Grant has had a haircut. Last time i saw a photo of him he had a Busby hair style, looked liked Homers Simpson's wife.
  104. grant vs al shootout anyone?
  105. grant vs al shootout anyone?
    'bout as exciting as watching Tyson vs. Gary Coleman
  106. Excellent photo of Al James.
  107. >>>'bout as exciting as watching Tyson vs. Gary Coleman<<<

    That might be stretching it alittle. As much as grant posts and
    get praises, he's a little overrated imo. Al, on the other hand,
    don't know jack about scanning but some of his few posted pics
    are pretty good. Plus a jetblu ticket nyc to miami are quite cheap
    I hear...
  108. Leslie, not stretching a thing in the least by any means...not even close.
  109. probably ought to put al and grant on a level playing field, agewise if you are going to compare them...
  110. a little less on the sides, please...
  111. gib


    James, great portrait.

    Grant, take that attitude back to the rental place, please.
  112. i was trying to be optimistic...
  113. And they used to say that "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll" was bad for you!

    While I appreciate the fact that this thread is probably about to set some sort of longevity record with well over 100 postings, and James seems thrilled and flattered as well, because he took the photo, I think it's time to get back on track and discuss Leicas and their clones, lenses that fit 'em, and film to feed 'em. This isn't the Al Kaplan forum. Thanks, all of you, for a fun day! Now go put your 85/2 Nikkor on your beat up old M2 and go shoot some pictures!
  114. are you kidding? what about all that dust?
  115. I think there's even more dust tonight than there was last night...
  116. You've just poop poohed on the greatest game ever invented by man.
    Strip poker is the greatest game ever invented by man. Baseball is the second-best treatment for sleep disorders ever invented (golf is first).
    I thought Grant was Al's illegitimate son . . .
  117. In baseball the course of the game and the outcome can turn on
    a single play that can happen faster than in any other sport I can
    think of. Turn your head away for 2 seconds and you've missed
    it. This just isn't the case in basketball, football, soccer, tennis,
  118. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    chess is better than baseball.
  119. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Baseball is the second-best treatment for sleep disorders ever invented
    I was in Yokohama a number of years back and the tv had baseball games after midnight, reruns probably since they were Japanese games. Obviously, someone in Japan agrees.
  120. In baseball the course of the game and the outcome can turn on a single play that can happen faster than in any other sport I can think of.
    (I just had to get in on this thread somehow...)
  121. James,

    I just tuned in. That is a great shot of Al. This is the sort of portrait that one is made to ponder. Not easy to do. The dust and scratches can easily be taken care of with Photoshop.
  122. someone kick Mr. Grant out of these forums's embarassing and a waste of time.
  123. Mr Grant does not join in with the Manta. He's rude impolite, and base. Heaven will not be for him.

    Obviously of poor breeding without a trust fund. Places are set aside for this is only a matter of time. We are rising...have a look at western Europe and look at those who used to belong.. Be patient my brothers.
  124. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Hi Allen.
  125. Of course, Jeff, you being another wicked person will follow;)

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