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  1. Not wanting to reframe this image to remove the small bottom right dirt road portion, and not having viewed any tutorials on cloning, can someone familiar with PS Elements (9 or 14) indicate the steps to clone some grass from the bottom right over the exposed soil? Do I start with the lasso tool to rope off a representative area? I forget how to do layers, but is that really required? Thanks.
  2. Arthur, for this sort of issue, I use the spot healing brush in PSE 11. I set it for "content aware."
  3. Micheal, thanks. I will try that.
  4. I do the same as Michael (also in PSE 11); it works pretty well. cb :)
  5. Does Elements have the clone tool? If so that is the simplest way to clone out unwanted elements. I use it extensively in pscc. Choose the size you need, "hardness" zero, "opacity" and "flow" 100 percent for this shot. I just checked out a youtube video of elements 9 clone stamp tool and it looks pretty similar to pscc. I just did it on your photo and it took me only a few clicks. I think you have more subtle control than healing brush.
  6. Thank you Charles, and Steve J., thanks also for the details of the modification. I've used my PS 9 and 14 to date mainly for small magnified sensor spot painting out or for histogram and luminosity adjustments, and need to take a course or a Utube tutorial on other options (layers use, etc.). I appreciate the reference to the clone tool. By healing brush, do you mean simply painting over with a brush or pencil with the desired tone? That type of correction I've used mainly on uniform tones of little texture, such as eliminating power lines from a uniform blue sky background (it is not always a uniform blue, unless directly overhead), as otherwise the brush modification becomes too evident.
    As you can see, I need PS 101 or the equivalent of another post treatment software.
  7. If you don't want to crop because you want to keep the proportions, try cropping out the area at the bottom and resizing the photo back to the same size. The cross will stretch out some but it won't be that noticeable.
  8. Sanford, thanks for your test. I originally cropped the bottom but decided against it as I don't want to sacrifice the space beneath the cross, which already I deemed insufficient (If I could make the photo again I might increase that and make the cross smaller overall to increase the effect of its isolation, provided I could do it and not introduce more of the dirt road). There are different other options for a reshoot if I get to visit again this island in the St. Lawrence river.
  9. Arthur the Adobe help page (no version of PSE specified) at gives the procedure. I used a large brush and stroked down form the top.
  10. PSE 8 has a clone stamp tool.
  11. Randy and Sanford. Noted and thanks.

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