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Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by neil_hanawalt, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. How do some of you deal with this... You do a portrait session, expose 20-30
    frames. You edit them down to the 10 or 15 best. Then the client asks to see
    the rest. They know you clicked the shutter more than 15 times. I get tired of
    clients wanting to see the junk (eyes closed, talking mouth, poor expressions).
    I grow weary of the occasional client not trusting my judgement. What do you
    think? I want to tell them that we pare them down for a reason and these are
    the best. In other words, No, you can not see more options.
  2. well i dont have any professional experience, just some photo shoots here and there. but usually i actually get rid of the crappy ones before i even show them the good ones. so if they ask to see the crap ones im not lying when i say they cant...
  3. Never let clients see contact sheets or the shots that misfired. Show them only the work you are happy with. To do otherwise does nobody any good.
  4. I'm going to disagree with Chris here and suggest that, if the client wants to see all the out-takes, show them. I often made extra sales of the shots that I thought were poor because the client ('s mother, father, spouse, etc) thought the 'poor' picture captured the sitter perfectly. Your taste is NEVER better than that of the person paying you.
  5. I'm mainly a children's photographer and I've never had someone wanting to see the bad proofs, but they do comment on how many I take, I just explain that at times I do a test shots of the lighting, their eyes were closed, or they moved to quickly and it was out of focus, etc. But I let them see all the ones that are "ok" even if they aren't my favorite...because sometimes they do like the ones that I don't like. Good luck!
  6. I filter three times, first round is to get out the shots with major issues with lighting, focus etc..; then I filter out all the good ones (about 30-50) and then I select my favorites (10-20). I show my favorites but make available my good ones becuase 9 times out of 10 there will be a shot in there that touches the parents and they will order it. No matter how good I am and what I think is good, parents like to have some creative liberties as well and who knows what they will connect with. I never give them the whole lot and let them pick their favorites, that will take months! I wouldn't take them wanting to see all of them personally, they are more emotionally attached to the photo shoot than you are and if it means an extra sale for you and an extra memory for them then it is a win/win.
  7. I cull all the poor ones - eyes closed, weird expressions, movement blur - but apart from that, I give them all the photos that are worth giving. Like others have said, a certain expression or look is usually worth a lot to a client.

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