Client wont pay remaining balance, already received photos

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  1. I shot my cousin's son's wedding. I just charged for the film and materials. Still waiting for payment. He now has 5 grown children. This is why I quit shooting weddings.
  2. If you have close ties to the family, write it off. Just don't let them talk you into any more freebies...
  3. We get the payment exception. As someone has said a month in avoid bounced or stop payment checks. It will save you a lot of head aches.
  4. Well, decided to tell them to keep their photos and regretted that we couldnt make them happier. We feel as though they never intended to pay the remainder and even though we would win in court, it wasnt worth the headache
  5. People say they charge little while they are getting their feet wet, but there is no reason anyone should be shooting a wedding as the primary photographer if they have not already gotten their feet VERY wet (like, soaking wet) as a second shooter. They then should be apprenticing with a well-experienced primary photographer who will guide them toward shooting a wedding on their own.

    Not everyone follows this route, but it is the best way to ensure you do not ever mess up someone's wedding and potentially end up in court yourself. People should treat it like learning surgery or flying a commercial airliner. There should be a LOT of practice before you actually get in the hot seat.

    Once you DO have the proper experience and are truly ready to be the primary photographer, then you are absolutely in the right to charge an appropriate fee which will cover all of the expenses (including your shooting and post-processing time).

    Finally, if one is charging $500 for a wedding, it is likely the person hiring you will not treat you with as much respect. It seems odd, but it's true. It's called "Perception of Value" and it plays an important role in how the value of professional photography is perceived.
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