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Discussion in 'Sports' started by all-star sports photography, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. This question lends its self to be posted not only here but in the business forums. And so I have opted to post here.
    I have begun to grow fairly rapidly over the past few months. I started my business nearly 4 years ago and for what ever reason now is the time that the clients are really coming. This question is aimed at those of you that have contracts with local minor league sports teams, colleges, high schools, organizations and so on.Or do you have contracts???
    I can't see approaching HS and asking them to pay you to do T&I since parents are going to be purchasing pictures. I can see having them pay you if they want say 20-30, 16x20 prints to put up around school. And then colleges is a real mystery for me. I can't see selling a lot of T&I pictures to the players and parents if any at all. At the college level I think it would be more about the college having pictures to hang and for web and print. The same for minor league teams.
    For those of you that work with these groups already do you sign contracts with them or is it an open ended non written agreement. I'd like to make sure I put something in place to protect the items I put out there and also cover myself so the schools don't try and sneak things in like I know they will. I work for a local HS and I know how many of them operate and think of photos.
    I guess the bottom line is I'm being asked by Schools, Groups, and local sports teams to do pictures. I want to make sure I get contract were necessary and find out what other of you may be dong, since I can't go ask the few photographers that I'm starting to compete with. And make sure I'm trying to get whats fair so I can move my growing business forward.
    Sorry if this post is all over the place.
  2. Still looking for some help on this. Does no one have any Minor league teams or colleges that they do business with?
  3. Doesn't matter what the business is you sign contracts.
    Not a pro myself but from what I have read most pros working with HS and colleges usually do a deal with the school that results in them getting a cut. The pro gets exclusive access and the school gets a bit of cash.
  4. Yes - you do a contract - it avoids confusion and finger pointing later on if there are problems.
    Most schools do not pay the photographer, but that doesn't mean you don't have a contract. The contract spells out the rebate, turnaround time, comps to school, comps to the coaches, exclusivity, etc...

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