Cleaning Nikon FH-869G glass holder with isopropyl alcohol

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by toni_nikkanen, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I bought a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning negatives - it should be the nearly pure variety. I
    thought to ask, is it safe to use this also for cleaning the glass surfaces of my Nikon FH-869G glass film holder
    or will it cause damage? It has accumulated some cruft that doesn't want to go away with the regular cleaning
    stuff I use ("alcohol-free cleaning agent for flat panel displays", I like it because it doesn't leave a stain on
    the glass) - so I would like to use something stronger.
  2. Pure isopropyl alcohol is too viscous and dries too slowly to make a good cleaning agent. Because of the slow drying, it will tend to leave spots. It shouldn't hurt the plastic, but I wouldn't soak the holder either. The little IPA pads in foil pouches you find near the Pharmacy counter work well, and are convenient to carry (you can't fly with a bottle of IPA).

    The best cleaning agent I've found for the FH896G is sold by Lenscrafters. It is a mild detergent in a dilute solution of IPA, cleans well and dries spot free, and is harmless to plastic. I get the non-woven lens "cloths" from Lenscrafters as well. Even the best cloth leaves some lint on the Nikon holder. I use an anti-static brush along with canned "air" to finish the job. Wear a pair of polyester photofinishing gloves to avoid adding fingerprints to the glass (or film). Most minilabs will sell you a package of gloves, even if they're not on the shelves.

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