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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by preston_merchant, May 9, 2005.

  1. What's the best product for cleaning fingerprints off color negs
    before scanning? Do I need some special solution, or will Windex work?
  2. Wash with Kodak Photoflo dilute 200 times
  3. Being an Ilfochrome printer (formerly Cibachrome) of many years I can testify to the necessity of gettting a slide (or neg. in your case) absolutely clean. First of all, don't let them get dirty. That said proceed like a surgeon about to open up a beating heart. It helps greatly if the room you work in is high in humidity. This keeps the dust and the static attraction down. Next, cover your hair with a cap of some sort similar to a shower cap or surgical cap. Why? because you're going to be examining the neg. with a loupe pressed right up against your face. You would be amazed at the amount of dander that flies off you own head. The next steps will depend on how dirty the neg. is. Check the neg. first against a strong light with your cap and loupe. You may need very little cleaning. If dirt, grime and stains exist try to identify what it is that causing the problem. I use PEC and PEC pads for all non-water based marks, canned air for most dirt & hairs and one of those nuclear impregnated brushes to gently scrub anything more stubborn. I always finish off with more blasts of air and another recheck with the loupe. If it isn't clean I don't proceed with the print; I clean the slide again (in your case, the neg.) There is no magic bullet, if fact it's more like vodoo but the truth is if you can see it, the scanner sure as hell will.
  4. Thanks. Just what I needed.
  5. There are recent threads on cleaning film by tape before scanning.

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