Cleaning Light Seal Channels

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  1. I have a set of light seals for a friend's A-1. The online instructions warn that all residue must be removed from the channels or the new seals won't adhere to them. What sort of cleaning solution works best for this?
  2. Not a Canon guy but on Nikons of that vintage, the edges of the film door formed a light-tight baffle with the channels in the body. The seals along the length of the door were more about moisture and dust protection. Never replaced them with no light leak issues. The seal that does matter is usually at the door hinge.

    If you still want to use the seals, I've had luck using isopropyl alcohol as a solvent. Whittle some popsicle stix or narrow splints of wood into a narrow chisel shape to scrape out the goo. A good pre-op precaution: make sure to cover the shutter with some taped-down thin cardboard or index card. Sticky old seal material invariably lands on unprotected shutters.
  3. As above.

    Alcohol, cocktail sticks, wooden skewers, cotton buds, other bits of wood shaped to fit.

    I like the bamboo satay skewers, with a pointed end and a larger, flat 'grip' end, can be adapted to a variety of useful shapes.
  4. When I fixed the light seals on my Canonet, I believe I used naphtha (lighter fluid) to clean off the old, rotted out light seals. The bottle is still in my garage and I don't smoke, so I guess its what I used.
  5. Bamboo skewers make good 'chisels' when trimmed down.

    A tip for softening the old seals before scraping them out is to get strips of facial tissue and twist them into thin ropes which can then be pressed down into the door channels and then drip your solvent of choice onto the tissue. This prevents solvent from flowing all over the place and the tissue wicks the solvent onto the rotted seals. May have to apply solvent several times to the tissue rope and tamp the rope down with your bamboo chisel. When the tissue is removed the old seal should scrape out easily. Finish off with cotton buds or bits of tissue on cocktail sticks. I have used both isopropyl alcohol and naptha successfully. Think I prefer Isopropyl.
  6. Great. Thanks much.

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