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  1. Depending upon your time zone it's Christmas Day. Anyone use any classic gear today? Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you're responses are welcome.
    As for me, I finished up a roll of Plus-X that was in my Konica Auto S 1.6. I also squeezed off a few frames in my Olympus XA. Did some Tri-X in my Konica TC-X with 40mm f1.8 Hexanon. We had a bit of "white Christmas" this year, which is rare in the deep south USA.
    Now that our Christmas company has gone home, I will likely head for the darkroom to do some film developing.
  2. Not really from me, been looking after my kids who have picked up a slight cold. Shamefully admit, I squeezed one shot with Minolta Vectis GX-4 (I know, I know, not a classic, but it is funky enough and it uses FILM)
  3. I shot a few frames with the Olympus XA2 but, still haven't finished a roll with it.
  4. It was too cold to go out and shoot, so spent the day fondling my newly acquired T3N. Does that count?
  5. Kayam- think of it as "warm-up" exercises.
  6. I put a roll of Kodak BW400 through my Canonet yesterday. Here is one,
  7. I did exercise a bunch of my classic that I haven't touched them for a while: F3, FM2, FE, K1000, Canon AF 35 ML, Nikon 600AF (well, the last two may not be classic, but they still are classic to me) but finally I took pictures with my Canon Powershot S400
  8. I shot a roll of Efke R25 though my Zeiss Super Ikonta 531A.We had a Lot of snow the last two days and went out to snap some shots and try out the efke.The infinity focus seem off just a bit on the Zeiss.[​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Of course. Three rolls of Tri-X through the Blad on Christmas eve. Today is cold and sunny, so I'll probably use the OM-3 and some C-41.
  10. Sample here.
  11. No, because I'd already started my last roll of Kodachrome in my F100 so I used that then switched to print film in the F100.
  12. Yesterday I shot my last roll of KM with a Canon FTbN. The lenses I used were a 50/1.8 chrome front, a 100/2.8 Vivitar macro (22XXX...) and a 24/2.8 chrome front FD SSC. I will overnight the film on Monday to Dwayne's. I still have one roll of KR left which I may or may not have time to use before the deadline.
  13. Shot with a Sears 35RF (Ricoh 500G), and a Fuji STX-2.
  14. Surprised at all the black and white pictures.
  15. Today, last roll of Kodachrome 64. Thanks, Ron Andrews. Shot a lot of Kodachrome in the 80's and occasionally since. Which camera for the last roll? EF, FTbn, F-1n, T90 or EOS3? Shooting in a T90 with various lenses and a 300TL and ML3 flash indoors. T90 won due to the 300TL and ML3. F-1n would have won if it was sunny and not winter. We have a white Christmas in Bedford County, Virginia so I'll shoot the remainder in the snow Sunday and Monday, then immediately to the US Postal Service.
  16. I loaded my last roll of Kodachrome 200 into my trusty Fm2n for a Christmas family portrait. Lamentably, I wasted two frames bc of flash sync problem.
    Plenty of Kodak print film was used this morning in a Voigtlander Prominet, Contax III, and a pair of Sears TLS's.
  17. Shot a few frames of Neopan 400 with an original Olympus Pen VF half frame (mfg july/1960) so......when I finish the roll...... I'll soup it, OK? Trouble is, I have 4 half frame cameras and they all have film in them, I really should spool some 120 onto 620 spools so I can use my Tourist II, 8 shots! Yipee!
  18. I went out this morning and shot several frames with my Yashica CC and my Canon VT. I took just a couple of shots with the OM-4 before it was time to get back in and help with Christmas preparations for extended-family dinner. Shortly after that I hit the road to head to my parents' home, so I'll be shooting classics here too...I brought several, of course!
  19. Shot several rolls with Rolleicord V until my labrador knocked off the tripod outside in the snow and its shutter froze and jammed.
  20. I visited a good friend of mine in hospital on X-mas day, she had appendicitis and had to spend the holiday there. So I took a Meopta Flexaret IVa with me on the visit and took some photographs of her and the flowers in the room. Will develop them today.
  21. More snow to clean up today, and half a roll of Kodak Gold 200 to shoot through my Praktica MTL-50. First half was from a walk through the woods on Christmas day. The rest perhaps will be from the family get-together.
    I also believe there is a trip to my brother-in-law's pub on the agenda.
  22. I was out in the fresh snow on the the 23rd with a Contax IIa, but after about 10 shots it froze and wouldn't release anymore. (Thing needs work) I also loaded the Argus 40 with expired rewound Tri-X Maybe I'll get to developing that today
    I need to finish the roll in the Contax too! But it's been very cold and I've been enjoying Christmas! Merry Christmas everybody!
  23. There is neither enough snow nor sunshine for a long-planned photo of the area's only covered bridge. The camera of choice (for performance, not for nostalgia) would be a 60-year-old Speed Graphic camera with an Ektar f/7.7 203mm lens. If only 35mm cameras could make such images!
  24. stp


    I didn't feel that snapshots of folks opening Christmas presents, especially under difficult lighting conditions that required a number of re-takes, justified the use of film (not on a classic, but perhaps getting close to it with a 501cm). I did, however, purchase another 5-pack of 120 astia, my favorite winter film.
  25. RB67 with HP5 at 1600 for some hand-held Christmas piccies with the family. Should go develop them today really.
  26. As usual, I documented this Christmas in 3-D with my Stereo Realist. Lamentably, no longer in Kodachrome. I didn't want to cut it too close, but admire those who are managing to capture this last holiday season with those "nice bright colors."
  27. It's been unusually cool here this Christmas, only 21C, or 70F for the Imperialists. I don't mind though, excellent for over-indulging, and also just right for developing B&W film!
    I took my Chrissy photos with a not quite classic Nikon F3 loaded with HP5+. All the best to everyone for the festive season, and keep warm, I hear there will be some nasty snow storms in the Eastern US.
  28. rdm


    Hey I am a classic camera and film buff , so much so that I'm Minoring in photography. I have only used color film in the classes that most students Opted to use their Digital SLR in. Well actually I been told I'm the only one of two students that used the color enlarging rooms and developed with color paper this whole year.
    Anyway, I have only shot about 5 or 6 rolls of slide film ever in my life , and that was because a class assignment required it, & bit was E-6 process so it could be developed in a day or two and shown for critique. I have always thought about shooting s roll of Kodachrome, just to say i have used this historic film. When i heard it was going to be gone this i placed an order for it this summer at B&H and was told it was back ordered and would be notified when more came in, none ever did i guess. Well then I started school i kinda forgotten all about it but now while I'm sitting here at home, killing time during this blizzard I started to think about it again.
    If I live in NY, and want to buy a roll of Kodachrome quick so I can shoot it and have it shipped off and developed before the deadline, what would you suggest? Or am i just SOL for waiting too long?
    P.S. i also happen to find 4 processing mailers for Kodachrome. They were in a carton of old some old cameras I purchased at an auction. I was thinking i might save them for nostalgia because On it it says "Good for 8 exposures on 828 film or can be used towards processing of 135 & 120 Kodachrome film"
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    ignore my question , i made a new question about it in an appropriate forum.
    Or better yet , if a Mod see this can he erase it and this one,.
  30. I shot three rolls of 120 Fuji Pro.400H in my Mamiya C330F of my family.
  31. Shooting Kodachrome on Christmas with my Nikon F100, shipping it out today.
  32. I used a Pentax KX w/24-50 f4 zoom Fugi 400 print film and a Vivitar 285 on Christmas day
  33. On Christmas day I shot a roll and a half of family snaps with my Stereo Realist on Fuji Sensia 100. Can't wait to see the results!
  34. Was out in the desert in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi with an FM2 and some fake black and white c41 film. :)
  35. Thanks, J. There's also a follow-up thread to this one if you'd like to see some more classic results from (or close to)
    Christmas Day.
  36. On Christmas Day, I was shooting Kodachrome with my Canon F-1n and a variety of FD lenses. The weather was pretty miserable on Christmas, so I took only a few shots. But the day after, although it was really cold, the weather was clear and I did quite a bit of outdoor photography and managed to shoot up almost all the rest of the Kodachrome I had. Shipped it off to Dwayne's on the 28th with fingers crossed.

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