Classic Manual Camera Weekend for March 10

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  1. 99y.o. Hanger - Fort Vancouver, WA
  2. Liberty L-12 - WWI V12
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  3. img507.jpg Last - WWI Lycoming Product
  4. Hello everyone. One super plus to being a "retired" senior with an unlimited bus pass in the wallet is taking "scouting" trips around Honolulu & ajoining areas armed with a CMC. During a resent spat of doctor appointments in Honolulu, I was able to spend several hours in a cemetery that served the Roman Catholics of Honolulu for close to a century from 1830 thru the 1920's. I am a history buff and now with the Internet, can do some research of the people, and their times, that the camera captures. Here are several, all done with the Fed-2 / Jupiter-8 combo, UFX400 & PyrocatHD. V600 scans. Aloha, Bill 2k17-024-014 ces5.jpg
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  5. One notices quickly the ages on the stones and when looking into the person's life, only a quick register of birth & death, with perhaps a cenus notation. I was able to trace a 20 year history of one family in the above picture, grim by todays health standards.
  6. OK, let's see what the gremlins do now. The search for this man's past yielded nothing. . no birth or death records. I noticed that many of the monuments carried b/w pictures of the person. Most were in fantastic photographic shape, so that is saying something for "archival" standards of their day. 2k17-024-016 ces5.jpg
  7. Last of the group. The tropical climate of Hawaii is not great for preserving a cemetery's past, unless maintained. Vines turn to trees and envelope the sites. This tree has covered over 5 sites
    Errored out again. Glen, what the ?
  8. 2k17-024-028 ces13.jpg Picture goes in using "More Options" selection. I am left dumb founded that these errors are "still" occurring !
  9. 2k17-024-030 ces13.jpg The last one, I promise. I was taken by this tombstone. . . still, almost a century later, our youth are slaughtered by these machines. Aloha, Bill
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  10. A few more to keep the thread in good health. Knowing that this was going to be a wet weekend I went out yesterday afternoon with the intention of capturing a few images to work on. I took the Mamiya 645 1000s fitted with the 55mm Mamiya-Sekor C f/2.8 and a load of Arista EDU Ultra 100, and I explored a valley I can't recall ever having been into. Beautiful fertile country, and though the light was rather soft, it sort of suited the gentle nature of the landscape. I shall return, but here are a few samples from the expedition. Developer was PMK Pyro, scans from an Epson V700 Photo using Silverfast SE software.

    Moiki Valley.jpg
    Moiki Valley

    Mail Pnet.jpg


    Totara fence pnet.jpg

    Totara Fence

    Summers Hay Pnet.jpg

    Summer's Hay
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  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    From one of my favorite underrated SLRs, the Petri FT. C.C. Auto Petri 55/1.4, Arista 100, yellow filter.

    Pond, Petri FT 55 1.4.jpg

    Nature Center Pond
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    m42dave Dave E.

    It seems that the HTML page breaks are no longer needed. Nice to see normal formatting again!
  13. Sadly, all the HTML breaks we inserted when the formatting wasn't working now show up as text... Still, I guess you can't win 'em all... Lovely image of the pond, Dave.
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    m42dave Dave E.

    I meant "line breaks." Thanks, Rick. It's nice to have natural areas close to home like this.
  15. M42Dave - You're sure right about the joy of having the natural beauty nearby. You do it justice.

    Seems slim this wkend. Perhaps another one or three won't be a bother.

    Road home: img517a.jpg
  16. Same creek img510.jpg
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  17. One of the old warbird img508.jpg
    • Contax IIa Helios (Soviet Biotar)​
    • War-Birds-Contax-IIa-130720-26.jpg
    • Stearman 75 ​
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  18. A few more needed?
    A Manual Camera means Manual Adjustments. Buddy Bill Bowes doing the necessary at Alawai Marina. Manual Adjustments.jpg
    Manual Adjustments
  19. Great shots everyone. Always up for extra photos. I've got one more to add as well. From 1977 a shot from a roll of E4 Ektachrome Infrared with a #25 filter. Camera was Konica Auto S2.

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