Classic cars on the street

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  1. I don't know what it is but I really like it
  2. Street photos, Vancouver, WA Aug. 2020
    Olympus OM-2n
    Rambler Classic

    Nissan Figaro

    Ford Falcon Van
  3. Old Plymouth Sedan 12-19-15 C5D03a.jpg
    In Old Town, Cottonwood, Arizona
  4. random street sightings, recently shot on film

    newer model, classic brand: S&S powered Morgan

    great patina on this Chrysler convertible

    great old Hudson Commodore at curbside

    been wanting to shoot some photos of this mid 70s Monte Carlo with its great satin black paint job for some time
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  5. New Vette parked two doors down from my house on the cut de sac. Canon D6 / 24-70mm EOS 2.8

  6. Scan0036b.jpg

    Just down the street from home, I was walking by with a Brownie 2(F) and TMax100.
    Late in the day, so not in direct sunlight.

    It was just returned after restoration, and looked much nicer than in the picture.

    I suspect that the camera is more classic than the car.
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    And an Chevy, too!
    DSC_8877 (1024x684).jpg
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  9. Pontiac.jpg grand_ville.jpg '74 SS_dice.jpg Dice
    delta_88.jpg VW_flat_32.jpg 1/32 scale VW_flatbed.jpg galaxie500.jpg galaxy500.jpg Galaxies ‘ 55_Tbird.jpg '55

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