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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by jeff_adler, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Here we go again. There was an attempt to redesign the site not too long ago. It did not go well. Is this a better attempt?
  2. This seems to be a better attempt, Jeff. The site is fast and I like the cleaner, more modern format. The pre-post editing facility is intact if the "More Options" box is checked and "Preview" selected. Currently, there doesn't appear to be any way to caption images and previous captions are missing, though this may be rectified, and the site isn't accepting my image files, currently. One can completely delete a post, which could be handy. If these glitches are remedied I think I'll give my seal of approval. Oh, and the "Search" facility doesn't want to search...Ahah! It works from the drop-down "Search Forums" in the headers, but not from the search box at the very top of the page.
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  3. Hi there guys.. . what happened to the Classic Manual Camera "forum". . . Did we loose it in "translation"? ? Aloha, Bill
  4. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    It seems there is no time limit for editing a post, which is nice. I see that the forum threads are available all the way back to 1998, though it would be helpful to have the forums listed alphabetically under each category. Still some issues with account management; it doesn't seem to save changes without entering your last name and address.
  5. Bill, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum...
  6. this new site lost my user name.
  7. Hmmm not sure I like this revamp, I knew my way around the old one, this seems confusing but looks clean and modern
  8. So far it seems not bad. At least it's useable, and I expect we'll get used to the new features eventually. Some of the post editing features look more like those on other forums, which might make for better continuity.
  9. I think the forums are a nice step up. Managing a portfolio has a lot of quirks, and comments on photos are less obvious, and more difficult to track. But all in all, it's certainly better than the previous 2.0 attempts. And given I see more and more young people interested in old(er) cameras and processes, having the collective knowledge of this forum appeal to a wider audience can't really hurt either.
  10. The site looks good.
    But I had to learn from another visitor how to post a full size photo.
    How can I make the text appear above the image and the caption under the photo?
    When visiting the site today I had to sign in to see the forums.
  11. Why would we, happy users of 50-year-old cameras with quirky buttons and wheels and unfathomable user interfaces, need such a modern and usable look in our forum?

    I hope it works this time.
  12. As Gust said in Charlie Wilson's War - we shall see.
    Does seem to be regaining bits every day..
  13. I was unable to access last night, same for John Seaman in UK. Server Error.. I now have access.. Color coded messages.. lost! This helped me to know what I've read vs not! Oh well .. changes require time to digest etc
  14. A little more "trial and error" than I like, but gradually finding my way around it. As long as I can post photos and participate in various forums I'll get by. I think there's still a few bugs in accessing the site from mobile phones but I'm sure that will improve. Currently my iPhone just reloads the forum page repeatedly without opening anything, but I worked yesterday.
  15. FWIW: I could not get the "insert picture" feature to work with Mozilla browser (it is a current version). It worked, though, with Chrome.

  16. I've never had much luck doing much of anything with mozilla. I erased it from all my devices.

    Kent in SD
  17. I was going to write that the new format seems OK, but I just noticed that I can't read all of my response as I type. Also, my membership vanished and I had to re-join.
  18. The format is strange. I cannot say that I like it. May be we are going to get use to it.
  19. I sometimes think this entire mess is Borg assisted. If your screen name disappears and you get a mess of error msgs (in red to boot) while trying to re-enter your accountant data, do as someone, somewhere else, suggested. Just enter "Here" & "Here" to the address fields, turn your computer off for several hours & then returned. Worked for me after 5 days of tilting at this "new" windmill. . . and I can even post pictures again.! 2k3-sovn-039-11 r.jpg Cervantes would be proud. Aloha, Bill
  20. With Firefox I can post using drag and drop. Most other online work I use IE or Chrome. Firefox works fine sometimes for other things, otherwise I think it's got more bugs in it than a five year old bag of cornmeal.

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