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  1. I will be going to Paris for the first time in years...

    Does anyone here have any recommendations for classic camera sources
    in Paris?

    Flea Markets, shops, etc....

  2. I seem to remember there were several shops on Blvd Beaumarchais. The "Maison du Leica" is there and has a decent selection. I am not sure of prices, but for the most part they seemed reasonable, comparatively.

    Warning though, France seems to be very expensive for Leica, and even more so if you are paid in US Dollars.

    Make sure you schedule some time for Pere Lachaise or the streets near Sacre-Coeur. I have had great shots fall into my lap around there...
  3. There is a very nice classic camera store between the Centre
    Georges Pompidou and Les Halles. He's got sevral old IIIF's
    along with lenses, and of course the M's and New stuff. You
    might find something you like there. The shop is very near the
    Pompidou so if you walk in the direction of Les Halles, which is
    only a 5 minute walk, you will see it on your left hand side. It's
    the season of rain so go prepared and stay dry... also take along
    a shower cap for your Leica.
  4. I've had some spotty experiences with La Maison du Leica. The
    do have a nice selection of used stuff, but the owner can be a bit
    gruff and unfriendly. A Paris-based Leica-shooting pro I know
    (how's that for compound adjectives?) refuses to do business
    with them, as he considers them to be interested primarily in
    profits and only secondarily in photography. "Vendeurs de frigos"
    is how he refers to them.

    The other shop mentioned above is "Photo Beaubourg." Don't
    recall the exact address, but it's in every "Chasseur d'Images"
    (as well as in the yellow pages). It's a tiny place with a good
    used stock and friendly people, IME.

    I've also heard good things about a shop called "Prosirep" (sp?).
    You might also want to check them out.
  5. I love the expression "Vendeurs de frigos". We have one of those in S. Florida, too (at least in my opinion).
  6. Paris, France, much like Germany and UK are overpriced when it comes to Leica gear, IMO. Window shopping yes, buying, I'll do elsewhere.

  7. Hi,

    I recommend you to buy the magazine : "Chasseur d'images" or Réponses Photo" where you can find the various adresses of Leica dealers or take a look at various classified, specifically in Chasseur d'images
    It exist a web site:
    If you need help with your french don't hesitate to contact me (I am french living in canada). Take note that the adress of Poto beaubourg is 67, rue Rambuteau ( have a nice trip!!! Rémi
  8. Paris is better for shooting than shopping.
  9. Salut Rémi, de retour à Leica à ce que je vois :)

    Sorry, guys, couldn't resist saying hello to this countryman who lives in Montreal like me, and
    whom I met a year ago.

    Prices are high in Paris mostly because of the sales tax called TVA (or VAT, in English.) Since
    you're going to bring whatever you will buy back in your native country, you can certainly have a
    form filled by the merchant for that purpose and be refunded the TVA at the airport upon

    There is a nice little store called «Mac-Mahon Photo Vidéo», 31, Avenue Mac-Mahon (that's
    one of the 12 gorgeous avenues that radiate out from Place Charles-de-Gaulle (former Place de
    l'Étoile), where l'Arc de Triomphe sits. The store is about 300 meters down on your left. They
    are nice people, and specialize in rangefinders, like Leica, Contax... I don'tknow about
    «classics» but it could be a start.

    Another quick one about «La Maison du Leica.» I wanted to shop there last summer, so I took
    the subway (and they are litterally on the opposite end of Paris from where I lived, a looong trip)
    only to find the store closed for the summer vacation Ah, those French and their sacred
    July-August vacation! What really aggravated me is that they never bothered to mention it on
    their phone message. Very unfriendly people. Avoid them.

    Paris should be wonderful in spring. Have fun, and beware, it's such a beautiful city that you
    could easily shoot ten rolls in an afternoon without even noticing it. I envy you.
  10. I odn't agree about Maison du Leica; the guy there is very friendly and helpful, although he is almost always busy with a customer, so you have to wait when yiu come in. I bought a Noctilux there for almost $400 less than in the States, when the euro was 0.85 per dollar; it's about 1.08 now. But Maison du Leica has a very few used camera, but the shops across the street sell only used camera and have many used Leica. The dealer near les Halles has only a few and is very expensive.

  11. Hi from a local.

    They have said it all, however, there is one guy, Jean Marc at the shop Double Expo, 1 block off la Maison du Leica on the Boulevard Beaumarchais.

    I heartly recommend that place where fine equipment is sold and reasonably priced. Try also the place called AMC (across the boulevard) they have a lot of stuff and the ladies in charge are very professional.

    There are no flea market for photography.

    Enjoy your trip.
  12. Double Expo is very nice but prices are not lower than in Maison du Leica (and I agree the guy is not nice). Le Cirque, also in Bld Beaumarchais, near the Cirque d'Hiver has some Leica stuff and prices are lower in my opinion. Just walk up and down that street, you'll find 8-10 shops with second hand stuff. Photo Beaubourg is expensive. But comparing prices for Leica with what you find on ebay, for instance, it's not worth it. Even less so for other stuff. Especially now, if you pay in dollars.

    (However, there are always nice exhibitions going on. The Hotel de Sully has a very good one at the moment on several photographers. La Maison Européenne de la Photo has two or three at the same time -but not very interesting for me the ones going on at the moment-. There are several galleries in the Marais. If you buy Paris Photo you have a complete list of what's going on).
  13. You will have to pay in Euros, and the dollar has been taking a beating against the Euro recently. Bring a calculator.
  14. Euro and US dollar are almost on par today. 1 Euro = 1.09 USD.

    For the travellers among us, check this site:

    « »
  15. xav


    French prices for new gear are bad, but if you're lucky you can find good bargains on used gear. Boulevard Beaumarchais is definitely a place to go: You have several interesting stores close by. Look also at the FNAC stores (kind of department stores specialized in books, cds, electronics and photo). They have used gear on sale and one of the best Leica bargain I did was at one of these stores.
  16. Bonjour Olivier, De retour au Leica bien sûr me suis racheté un M6, le bonheur....(sorry guys i couldn't resist to thank my neighbour Olivier)
    I want to mention odeon photo (Boulevard Saint Germain near "Odeon" station)and have to mention in my opinion the prices at Fnac are a little higher than the otheer places but take a look ( to know the different locations of this "institution" .

    Have fun in Paris, like Olivier, I really envy you. Rémi
  17. You can take a look at prices : and clik on your left to "Les occasions" which means used stuff. Rémi
  18. Paul Hart wrote: "Paris is better for shooting than shopping."

    Paul, s'pose I could enlist your aid in convincing my wife? We have until July.
  19. Photo Mac-Mahon has a really good offer of Contax N Digital, plus lenses, but I am unable
    to contact them. There is a web page or e-mail?

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