Classic camera photo of the week?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mjferron, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Would anyone be interested in participating? Just throwing it out there. Everyone else has them so why not us?
  2. I don't see why not... but sometimes I don't shoot with a classic camera. I use EOS and Maxxum and other advanced film cameras too. I think lots of folks are that way. So participation could be sporadic.
  3. Well any film shot could be included if that would help participation. Film itself is a classic now!! :)
  4. I would participate.
  5. Good idea! I think it provides both stimulus and incentive to get out there and use a camera, as well as livening up the Forum. I used to contribute to the Canon FD Forum "Pictures of the Month", but it's a little restrictive, limiting the photographs to just one breed of camera.
  6. Count me in.
  7. Can I get in too? I just got this a couple of weeks ago with a Rolleicord IV.
  8. Maybe classic Tuesday?
  9. Film Friday?
  10. I would participate if we can allow any film camera. I shoot my 1982 Nikon FE primarily. Secondarily, I shoot a 1968 Olympus DC, 1990s Mamiya 7ii or 1938 Rolleiflex Automat.
    But for consistency, the early '80s Ai-s Nikon lenses are my go-to kit. I hope that would be allowed.
  11. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    There should to be some guidelines. Photos should not be wider than 700 pixels

    Should there be a limit on the number of photos that one can submit per week, perhaps three?

    The day chosen would be important. Most people like to, or have the time, to shoot on weekends. Color film sent out would take some time so maybe Friday as a posting date would be best. That would also give people the inspiration to go out and burn some film that coming weekend.

    Would this just be new or old work to show the results that one can get with an old camera or a 30 year old photo showing the results that one got with the camera 30 years ago? Or, any photo taken at any time with a classic camera can be used (even if it wasn't a classic camera at the time)?.

    Would photos of tree bark and dried mud be allowed? (The latter makes up half of my portfolio.)

    All of this can be worked out and fine tuned out as a work in progress. The one thing that has to be settled is, which day of the week should it be? For the reasons I put forth above, I think Friday would be best.
  12. Let it roll !! Classic barn (1895), classic camera (1953 ZI Ercona II ), classic light meter (Weston III) and even a classic Series 5, 25A filter (deep red). Unclassic film and developing/scanning (400 Tmax, 510-Pyro @ 22m, V600 scan, and of course, a computer.
    Enjoy and get cracking folks ! Bill
  13. Same barn, up the road a bit. Bill
  14. Friday seems fine, James, though I'm not sure about tree bark and mud... Would you initiate the post, to get the ball rolling? A three-image limit should satisfy most members, and I think restrictions on a time-frame for the taking would prove to be unworkable. Just use the parameters in respect of cameras that already exists for this Forum. Even, um..."old" cameras might find a place...
  15. Three it is !!!! Agfa Isolette III, +25A filter, Weston 5 & Invercone, Ilford PanF+, 510-Pyro @ 22m, V600 scan.
    Enjoy, Bill
  16. Ok "Film Friday" sounds like a plan to me.
  17. Oh but one for today.
  18. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    I will start the "Classic Manual Cameras Film Friday" this Friday. I was going to make up a list of rules and guidelines but I don't think that is needed. Everyone should know what classic cameras entail and the photos associated with them. The only guidelines would be a limit of three photos submitted per person and a size limit of 700 pixels and 300 kb or less.

    I would need someone who would be available every Friday to start the thread every Friday. I myself travel a good deal and can not presume to be available every Friday to start the thread. For example, after I start the first Classic Manual Camera Film Friday this week I will be heading out to the airport. Two weeks after that I will be out of the country for two weeks.

    Do I have a volunteer? The job would consist of simply changing the number in the thread title

    "Classic Manual Cameras Film Friday #1" becomes "Classic Manual Cameras Film Friday #2"

    and copy and pasting the thread opening blurb.
  19. [​IMG]
    1938 Rolleiflex Automat, Velvia 50
  20. I can initiate the thread on Fridays if that will help.
  21. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator


    That would be a big help. I will get it started for the first time tomorrow and then hand the job over to you. It is no big deal as long as someone is on hand Fridays to post the thread.

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