Clarence Sinclair Bull

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  1. Does anyone here knows what Lenses did Mr Clarence Bull used on his
    camera ?I've been trying to find out for a long time without any success.My guess
    is that one of them was probably a 18" Cooke .But i really would like to know for
    I have the book Hollywood Portraits by Roger Hicks and Christopher Nisperos
    and also Mark Vieira and many other books ,but they mention very little about Mr.
    CS Bull .I appreciate any responses !
  2. For the very soft portraits he used a Struss lens. Karl Struss was also photographer and later
    also a very famous movie camera man!
    Cheers Armin
  3. Thanks for the info Armim .It is really hard to find info on CS BULL .I really would like to find out more about him .If you know of any books or any other place where i can learn about him,please let me know .
    I believe PBS should do a special on him.What a great proffesional !

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