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  1. Cannery Row, The Clement Hotel, 2008
    Cannery Row 08 - The Clement 1.jpg
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  2. Pottery (saltpans) making area. Pottery clay (46) & clam shells for temper.
    Salt production site in the Lower Ohio Valley
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  3. [​IMG]Giant clam on Great Barrier Reef by Tom Yin, on Flickr

    Legend is that if a diver got caught by such a clam, he would have to amputate his leg to get free. Not sure if there is any truth to that.
  4. spaghetti alle vongole (posted similar before)
    0004 Comida-SpaghettiVongole-BirraPeroni-NAFS16-85VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 16-85 DX (16)
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  5. Garden clam. (Sorry)


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