CLA Leica IIIB slow speed (Need Help)

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by kevin h. y. lui., Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Hello all,
    Good news! I got the ordered Leica . It is IIIB ! WOW!
    The outer look is great . I adjusted the RF and it becomes more accurate when I use the Elmar I choose. However,
    the slow speed mechanism is not functioned properly. The slow speed is too slow at 1s. I need to CLA it. I notice
    that this mechanism is located at the bottom. So, how to take this out and what should I notice?

    Thanks a lot! I became a menber of Leica.
  2. If the slow speed mechanism needs work, probably the entire shutter system needs a CLA. Does the shutter sound completely smooth, or is there any audible grinding or friction noises.

    Now, the slow speed section is very easy to remove, two rather obvious screws through the bottom of the camera frame. Clean it in naptha, no lube. Put it back.

    But, that may not be the problem. The gears of the slow speed mechanism are driven by power from the shutter curtain tension springs. If they're wrong, or much of the power is going to trying to turn ossified lubrication, that would be why the slow speeds are off. "It's all connected".

    Shoot outside at 1/1000 shutter speed, see how even the exposure is. It's it's not even side-to-side, definite sign you need a CLA.

    Youxin Yi does fine CLA for very reasonable prices, and is very fast.
  3. Thank you.
    I cleaned the slow speed mechanism and adjusted the tension of 2nd curtain, The speed has become ok but another problem has come. The 2nd curtain and slow speed mechanism only release when I remove my finger from the shutter release button; i.e. they won't go if I never remove my finger from the button. However, it works fine sometimes.

    Do you know how it happens and how to solve it?
  4. Sounds like it needs a full CLA. The higher tension on the second curtain is probably causing too much friction on the catch with dead lubricant on it.
  5. I agree too when I clean the slow speed mechanism.
    And, where is the catch that you mentioned?
  6. Under the top plate of the camera. You need to buy or make proper ring wrenches to remove the RF window rings and the shutter speed dial.

    IIIb's are moderately rare and valuable, not the place to risk damaging the camera learning Leica repair.
  7. Kevin. The mechanism is under the top-cover but John is right, have someone experienced CLA it. To clean and lubricate the shutter means a total dissassemby. Attempts to lubricate the rollers can ruin the rubberised curtains.
  8. Kevin!

    Congrats for your good purchase. You are a Leiconian now :)

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