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  1. My oldest LX is now a quarter century old and getting a little
    ratty. Any recommendations for a repairman specializing in the LX.
    (It went back to Pentax once, and came back 3 months later with more
    problems than it had before.)
  2. You think an "LX specialist" exists? I kind of doubt it, but do some web searches.

    Otherwise, Eric Hendrickson did a nice job on my MX:
  3. Pentax USA, Colorado
  4. I agree with Mike. I sent mine to pentax a couple of years ago (with a list of requested repairs and a general request for them to go through it and fix anything they happened to find while they were in there.) It was expensive, but the camera came back operating as good as new. It was expensive, but I felt it was worth it.
  5. I sent my LX with sticky mirror syndrome to Pentax-USA in Colorado last year for a CLA
    ($170) and had a mixed experience. They did the CLA properly but somehow "lost" my
    rare black Grip B which I had foolishly left on the camera body. I'm glad I didn't send the

    After I complained, they searched for it without success and finally sent me the wooden
    Grip A because that was all they had left in stock. As that was not what I wanted - the
    Grip A must be whittled by the user to fit one's hand - I tried to locate a Grip B on eBay
    and in several photo forums without success. Finally I thought to ask a Japanese friend in
    Tokyo to contact the Mother Ship and plead my case. Pentax-Japan sent me a near mint
    Grip B from their exhibition stock and it now resides in splendor on my LX once again. It
    may be seen at:

    Regards, Jim
  6. KEH has the grip B for LX. I've always wanted one but just never seemed to have > $50 free to buy one.


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