Cibachrome on Inkjet printer?

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm after a paper for my Canon ipf8100. I love Cibachrome from the good old days of film and want something similar to the results on my printer.
    I have heard of Ilford Smooth High Gloss Media and Pictorico Pro Hi-Gloss White Film that gives the desired effect, but what are peoples thoughts on the their results. Can it be as good as Cibachrome or nowhere near it.
    Will it be good enough for sales under glass frames of my landscapes? Or is the quality not really that good, and they should be avoided.
    I shoot 6x17 trannies and have them scanned so i can print to approx 2.5 meters and get great results on satin papers, but i really really like the Cibachrome look and want to use it for a new exhibition in 2010.
    many thanks
  2. the Pictorico is as close as your going to get. get some and give it a try.
  3. Second the pictorico. Cibachrome was what sent me off color work for 25 years -- what a frustrating product. When you had an image that matched the paper/process it was outstanding. But images that didn't match well were excruciating to print. Ah, memories.
    The Pictorico product will give you a similar look and feel, but with considerably greater gamut and perhaps better blacks. Much more controllable. No color crossovers due to too much or too little exposure (I had several prints where I got cyan shadows and yellow highlights in the same print). Things have improved over the last 25 years or so :D
    But with all the really fine substrates out there to use for printing, do you really want to replicate a look from 25-30 years ago? That's a choice you have to make of course. Just sayin'.
  4. Will this paper work with any inket? Like an Epson 2200?
  5. Epson 2200 ink is a bit too dull to match the Pictorico film surface well. A newer machine, like the 2880, will look a lot better.
  6. Thirding the Pictorico HGWF. It's damn good stuff (and Pictorico charges accordingly.)
    As far as the 2200, yes, you can use it and get good results, but they'll pale in comparison to any of the more modern inksets. The well-known bronzing and gloss differential issues make the 2200 a lot more frustrating to use with the HGWF than a newer printer/ink combo. I've seen it done, and it can look very nice. It'll just look a lot nicer (and got more easily) with nicer, modern inks.
    For a 2200, I'd say see if you can grab a sample pack before committing to the cost of a full package.
  7. Hmmm, 2.5 meter landscapes from 6x17 transparencies printed on Cibachrome for sales from an exhibit (gallery), under glass?
    I know you've asked about a paper for your Canon printer, but in my opinion, when I read what you're planing to do, I imagine a category of certain other landscape photographers who already have the economics calculated, and many of them use FujiFlex imaged from a LightJet or Lambda. Nowadays, the FujiFlex / RGB Laser Printer combination is all around faster-better-cheaper than Cibachrome was and the same is true in most regards to current inkjet methods and costs for that type of product.
    It may be "fun" to use your own printer for this project but is it economically feasible in the long run? It very well could be. It could be that you've had very good luck making the first set of prints and you don't sell many of those prints at the show. You will have gained the education of production and get to keep the extra products of your effort for your own enjoyment or to use as gifts. However, if your images are so popular that you get requests for MANY more prints, then you're obligated to deliver. Can you do it economically from here on out?
    I've seen this scenario played out many times now.
    Just a thought.
    -Stephen Ray
  8. Thanks for the input and the recommendation for Pictorico films. I'll have too try and get some sent too Australia. No one is stocking it here in Oz.
    Stephen - the cost price per print is only a fraction of the cost of getting it printed at a lab.
    For a 2.5 meter panoramic print printed on my Canon ipf8100 it would use 30-40mls.
    A set of ink cost = 12 x 330ml = $1799 (bhphotovideo). Per ml = under 50 cents.
    30-40mls per print = $15-$20
    Museo Silver Rag Paper(one of the most expensive paper available to buy) - $319.20(bhphotovideo) at 50' or $6.4 per 1'
    2.5 meters = very roughly 9'.
    so ink + paper = $77.6 not bad price.
    at a shop here in Oz = $300+
    once you have the printer, its much cheaper to use your own printer than a lab.
  9. Sorry for the late response. I too like the Cibachrome look and was wondering if the Pictorico HGWF would work well with a Canon Pixma Pro 9500? I assume that an ICC profile is available on the Pictorico web-site?

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