Chrome vs. Black lenses

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by arthur_yue, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. I noticed that a few years back Leica used to charge more for their chrome lenses. The prices now however are the same for chrome and black - Leica having actually increased the price of the black lenses while keeping the prices for the chrome lenses more or less the same.
    Anyone know why chrome lenses cost more initially? Could it be because of production cost or because they just made a bigger profit then?
  2. As you kmow, chrome lenses weigh much more than their black
    counterparts. I believe the chrome lenses cost much more to make BUT
    tended to sell less in numbers. If that is the case, why not
    increase the price of the black lenses to maximize profits. All
    successful companies keep a close watch on the bottom line. In the
    Marketplace of 35MM cameras/lenses, survival is dicey at best.
  3. IMO it is simply the fact that chrome lenses are more complex to
    manufacture. Whether or not Leica was worried that too few would be
    sold (in contrast to black lenses) still remains to be seen. To quote
    somewhat Andrew Nemeth's Leica FAQ:


    The difference in weight between black and chrome lenses is due
    to the black lenses being made from aluminium alloy which is then
    black anodised, while chrome lenses have to be made from (much
    heavier) brass which is first nickel plated prior to the final chrome
    plating. Leica has to get this done as the silver-chrome adheres far
    more reliably to brass/nickel.

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