Chromatic aberration or halation?

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  1. I got a few kodak portra 400 scans back from the lab the other day, and noticed that a lot of the bright highlights had a strange halo around them. First I thought that it might be chromatic aberration from the lens, but after checking images previously taken with the camera I could not see any previous evidence of that. The camera is btw a Olympus Stylus Epic (mju ii). Then I remembered reading about the cinestill films and halation, and found some images of that which where pretty similar to my images. Does anyone know if this is chromatic aberration or halation?



  2. I'd be inclined to look at the negatives with a high powered loupe.

    Remember that the scanner is throwing an extra step into the process here-you might be seeing a scanning artifact and not something that's actually there. In general, negative films tend to handle highlights pretty gracefully(the opposite of slide films and digital) so I'd be surprised to see an issue on the film.
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    The highlights appear blown in all three pictures, so exposure may well be off...but, as Ben said, that could be a function of the scan done by the lab. The lens in the camera is generally known as a good point & shoot lens, which means that it is reasonably corrected for focusing two colors at the same plane, so there shouldn't be much too much chromatic aberration. If the lens coatings have been damaged, or the lens improperly "repaired", that could be a contributing factor to your problem as well.
  4. Looks like either underexposed negatives or really, really awful scans. I'd guess the latter.
  5. Looks like either underexposed negatives or really, really awful scans. I'd guess the latter.
  6. Another vote for checking the negatives. Scanning is another generation out - better to look at the actual item than a reproduction.
  7. Thank you for all the answers! I have asked the lab to check the negatives, because I don't have them. So I'm waiting to see what they say!

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