Choice of new MP or unused M6J

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paulferesten, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I am trying to choose between a new MP and a never used M6 J.
    Both should run about the same price, so I'd be interested in any opinions regarding which one to buy.
    Does anyone have an opinion?
  2. I prefer my M6J.
    Its only drawback is flare in the viewfinder that can be adressed by Leica with a viewfinder upgrade.
    For equal price i would take it without question
  3. I'd like either and have neither. The MP is retro with the clean lines of an M2. That was the 35mm Leica and the M6J is not if you wear glasses, because of the 0.85 finder. It's got the 35 framelines, but I couldn't quite see them and need the 0.72. The M6J may be the better camera if you like the M3 retro look and can cope with the finder. I suppose you've looked at this:
  4. For about the same price, I'd take the new MP any day. Updated finder and a warranty would do it for me.
  5. I have neither but for the money I'd choose the M6J. It has such a special design of the M3 combined with M6 features, and it has played a role in the development of later M6 models and the other M-cameras after that. I would love to have one someday...
  6. I'd go for the m6j too.later you can sell it for the mp!!
  7. When you can get a mint M2 for under $1,000, why pay more?
  8. The fit and finish of both the M6J and MP are superb. I have both. The MP is a standard issue with a .58 finder. I prefer the M6J for the aesthetics of the finish--the M3 touches give it a roundness that the MP lacks and the engraving that evokes the past. I also prefer the rewind crank to the knob. Functionally, the rangefinder white out has never been an issue for me with the J. The meter on my MP takes a fraction of a second longer to activate.
  9. To me, the MP seems to be the ultimate M... however, the best M I ever had was the M6. You cannot go wrong really.
  10. If you live in the US, an MP. The Passport warranty is really well worth having. I've experienced seriously good service from Leica.
  11. The MP has minor shutter and finder improvements I don't think are in the MJ6. If the MJ6 and M6 share the same meter, the MP with the round exposure indicator is an improvement. Many think the MP looks better but that's subjective and unimportant if you want to photograph. The .85 finder makes it harder to see the 35 frame and lacks the 28. You can attach a 1.4X mag to a .72 finder. That lets you remove the focus aid while retaining the popular .72 finder magnification most people want. Last, the MJ6 should be more expensive than the MP. Expensive cameras seem to stay on a shelf.

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