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  1. I just bought a 55mm f1.4 chinon m42 mount lens from ebay. I knew it was faulty but the owner did not appear to explain things proprely. The aperture ring sometimes goes all the way round and sometimes not but the problem appears to be that the iris does not close when I press the pin. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be?
  2. this the best place for a post like this? Sounds like you've got oil on the diaphragm - that's the most common cause for 'sticking' in a vintage lens.
  3. why would thisNOT be the place, might I ask? About the ring moving all the way round: it has lost limitation inside, in addition to potential oil, yes... perhaps something fallen (or forced) loose -- take it apart: nothing to lose?
  4. You are posting the question on the extreme, retro, instant, etc forum. A better place might be in the classic manual cameras section. Better yet would be camera & lens repair but I don't think that's available here. You can try the Yahoo camera repair group or perhaps APUG. Best wishes,

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