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  1. An friendly Chickadee from yesterday up on the mountain.


    D850 500mmPF ISO 1000 1/500s f/6.3
  2. I think this is a Carolina Chickadee.
    Carolina Chickadee_.jpg
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  3. Seen in central Texas. DSC_3973.jpg
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  4. I live in Southern PA, this is where the Southern Carolina Chickadees meet the Northern Black-capped Chickadee’s and they hybridize. I gave up trying to identify them years ago. They can look like a Carolina but sing and call like a Black-capped and vice versa. Apparently even DNA testing is no longer reliable to distinguish between the hybrids.
  5. I should explain the watermark. Up until a year and a half ago, I lived on Dawson Point in northern Ontario Canada. I now live on Punta Colorada on Uruguay. I tried to modify my DawsonPointers account on PNet but failed so I had to create a new Punta Colorada account. The watermark is there because these 2 images have been previously used without my permission. It's a long story about printing services that is not appropriate here.
  6. These look like Black-capped Chickadee's but it all depends where they were taken?

    You replied while I was writing. These are most certainly Black-capped Chickadee's. The bold white wing panel is good field mark for them.
  7. Here's an old one from 2008 with the D300.


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