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  1. My job has me doing a LONG term project in the Chicago area, Hoffman Estates, to be exact. I live in southern WI, but it will be too far, especially with Chicago traffic, to commute on a daily basis.
    Given, that I will be driving (THANK GOD FOR NOT FLYING) it will simple and safe for me to take my film dev equip and chems with me. Playing in the dark will also be cheaper than spening the night in the bar and more fun than sitting in the hotel.
    To that end, I am looking for a darkroom, closer the better, near Hoffman Estates. It needs to be available in the evenings and should be relatively inexpensive. Given that this will be a long project (scheduled to run through Oct 09, but the safe money is that I will working on it this time next year, I am not opposed to one that has monthly plans or the like.
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  2. I'm not sure If my geography is correct, but check to see where the College of Dupage is located - they have an extensive photography program/facilities.
  3. If you go to this web site You will find the link to many camera clubs in the Chicago area. (Appears there are over 40 clubs with and without web sites).
    Check out thier sites and contact the clubs and I am sure you will find out many dark room facilities.

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