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Discussion in 'Travel' started by ducksquat, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. I will be in Chicago from this Friday, Oct. 28 - Sunday, Oct. 30
    visiting with a friend who typically doesn't pay attention to
    photographic areas. Questions are as follows:

    1. Where's the best shots for fall colors in the greater Chicago
    area, particularly in parks where the leaves aren't wind blown away?

    2. I want to get a good pano shot of downtown's skyline with the
    sunset and lake as the foreground. Where's my best bet?

    3. Where's a unique area for some street photography practice
    whether in middle of the day or at night?

  2. Re 2): Chicago sits north-south along the western shore of Lake Michigan. As the sun sets in the west, even in Chi, you will need to hire a boat and go out onto the lake to get the sun sinking in behind the skyline.

    re 3) You want just one unique area for street shooting? Come on, there are a few dozen good areas and thus your quest for "unique" is not answerable.


    Re. 1) I think fall with colors is essentially over in Chi now.
  3. Thanks for your answers.

    I am look for one unique area because my time is very limited and I am there to visit a friend so I don't want to monopolize all the time together with photography - hence the one area suggestion. I'm bummed that autumn's over there. Oh well, that's cool.
  4. I'm new to photography and somewhat new to Chicago, but for street photography you could do:

    Michigan Ave. from the river to the Hancock tower. This is the heart of shopping in downtown so you'll have hoards of tourists and that scene.

    Rush & Division has the bars/clubs scene at night, could be interesting since this weekend is Halloween.

    In thhe loop wil probably by boring since you're here on the weekend and not much happens.

    Or, just hop a ride on the El. Always interesting...

    Good luck.
  5. The Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium sit out on a peninsula - if you go out there you can get a good view skyline with the lake in the foreground and the sun setting behind the city. <br><br>

    <img src="">
  6. The trees are still very beautiful here -- not as nice as last week, but still colorful.

    You can also get good skyline shots from Navy Pier. That's also a good place to do some street photography.

    If you have time, go to the Museum of Science and Industry and park in their lot. Walk around the building to the right as you face the main building. The Osaka Japanese garden is there and the trees/water/light are very nice.

  7. There really isn't much in the downtown area for colors. My suggestion though is to head up 94 for 15 minutes to the Chicago Botanic Garden - you should be able to get a few lovely shots there, if the leaves are still turning. Also, there are a few great State Parks a couple of hours south of the city. Otherwise, I'm out of suggestions - the lack of any landscapes but cornfields and strip malls really turned me off of I moved:)
  8. I'm a little late, but in Jennifer's picture Navy Pier is just barely showing all the way on the right. I'd go for the peninsula by the Planetarium - and also check out the Field Museum there as well (just as a visit, or "street" shooting as well).

    Lots of good areas for street shooting - I'm planning to check out Chinatown in a couple weeks.
  9. Another view of the skyline that works is from the area around Buckingham Fountain.

    I have a pic of the skyline from Navy Pier in the foggy mist that looks like Hong kong.

    This afternoon, I took an FM2 out through the 'hood and the trees down here (near White Sox park) are still colorful and well-leafed. If tomorrow is good, I will trael out again but I count on nothing with weather in Chicago.

  10. 1. Try Ravinia north of CHGO.

    2. To get the lake and sunset you'd need a boat, or as one mentioned, from the aquarium.

    3. Lincoln Park.

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