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  1. This PN member has an outstanding portfolio. I'm posting the link here because of his consistency and vision: one camera, one (fixed, normal) lens, one film- just like HCB suggested but so many of us find hard to do. This portfolio is inspiring me to simplify my gear, focus my vision, and practice the art of photography.
  2. one camera, one (fixed, normal) lens, one film-
    ... and one tripod. Quite an impressive set of photos. Here's an idea for another "ten favorites" thing: ten photos made with one camera, one lens, one film.
  3. There are some photos in there I really like, but the all feel the same somehow...
  4. Yes- Patrick- they do all feel the same, but the combination of that consistency plus the quality of the images is so fundamental to great photography, I think. Many of us, myself included, look at this kind of collection and think "I could do that". But we don't, and instead end up with a collection of images that are disjointed with respect to personal vision & style.
    Look at the works of great artists: Rembrandt, Picasso, Mozart, Bach, Van Gogh. More often than not, you just know who the artist is because his/her signature is so unique and appealing.
  5. Asher,
    I do agree that quality and consistency are crucial elements to photography (I refrain from saying "great photography" because that will open up a can of you know what...) and I also agree that this photographer has a very well developed sense of vision and style. But nevertheless, many/most of these photos follow classical photography "rules" of 80/20, 1/3's etc, which is a very methodical and academical way of composining photos.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like this folder and I've bookmarked it but nevertheless, I think it deserves some discussion.
  6. While this portfolio is very nice, I would venture to say this person could do the same or better with 1 (different) lens or 10 lenses. IMHO the idea that a more simple kit improves your skill is the same as the idea that the best wiz-bang kit improves your skill. I also can't imagine most of the folks in this forum having lenses coming out of their ears.

    However, I'll agree (with Asher) that this sort of unified vision/presentation is very cool (I probably couldn't do this :) and certainly is strengthened by having one lens/view (or many lenses of similar view, be it normal or wide or whatever). Maybe the photos aren't the most imaginative, but at least they show a certain amount of concentration and dedication, which to me indicates this person is capable of their own take on any particular style if they try. I mean, you have to start somewhere, even if it is with a Hassy and some very nice photos:) I'd be interested in seeing some original prints.
  7. Hey Patrick- this discussion is exactly what I was hoping for when I orinigally posted!
    You're correct about the "rules" of composition. This portfolio seems a bit formulaic
    but despite that it is compelling, which is what interests me.
  8. Thanks Asher... Very good portfolio. I specially like the consistency and simplicity of his vision, like you so pointedly mentioned. Most of us are indeed burdened by equipment.
  9. Devin- I think that for most of us, having several lenses is too much of a distraction. Personally, even one zoom lens throws me off because I'm never sure exactly what I'll see when I put the camera to my eye. With a fixed lens, particularly on an RF it's much easier to anticipate, plus I'm not wondering "what if I mounted the ___mm lens" while the fleeting scene disappears. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Actually, I'm all for the one lens/one body theory when it comes to rangefinders, especially Leica. Perhaps it is more a subconsious lock to prevent me from spending more money... I think Wade Heninger's website speaks for itself in this aspect. A Hexar RF, 50'cron and film. That's it.
  11. I was actually expecting a 35mm format. Nice images; But I think what
    appeals to me more is when somone actually does good work in the square. It
    seems after working with many formats I prefer the sq. more and more.
    Thanks for the link.
  12. I think I see where you're coming from with the idea of fighting distraction by only carrying one lens or really concentrating on using one lens and forming a single vision. I guess at the end of the day though I prefer the thought that I have a few more lenses sitting at home, in case I want to make a change. Sort of paralleling the concept all things in moderation.
  13. I absolutely HATE this kind of photography...BUT, I must admit
    that these are VERY well done in their genre!
    I also appreciate the ability of the photographer to be so
    consistent in his work; a true sign of craftsmanship, if I may put it
    that (corny) way.
  14. [two days after the last person has looked at this thread] Yes, corny would be the word. Reminds me of the airbrushed scenes that used to adorn vans in the 70's. That slow shutter speed/running water thing got old a long time ago.

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