Cheapest genlocked & wired zoom portable video capture, possibly full HD

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  1. I'm looking to do some 3D video, so synchronicity is of utmost importance. Thus the camcorders, or cameras doing video, need to be genlocked and have a wired remote that can be put in some device that can have the zooms be synchronous. I didn't put it in the title as it seem obvious to me but both need to be mountable (ie: have a stand hole) as they also need to be parallel.

    I would use public transport so having large camcorders would be impractical. I'm not asking to be small, but the whole setup (2 video capture devices and the mini-rail keeping them parallel and small accessories) should fit in a large luggage (with wheels), I could carry a tripod or other large object in my arms.

    I don't have a large budget, so I'm looking for the cheapest combinations that will fulfill my needs. Hopefully some in the top cheapest combinations will be full HD. It would be nice to have some video features a bit better than basic cameras, such as having the viewfinder be larger than the capture area (ie: a centered rectangle of the same proportion 2/3 the viewfinder size corresponding to what is shot.) so that it's easier to keep moving objects in the frame.

    I'm willing to do 720p and use digital tape if it would save me a good amount of money; using digital tape as long as
    1. replacement are readily available and will be so for a decent amount of time (ie: 5+ years) for an affordable price,
    2. there's a way to import it to my PC that's not too complicated.
    If a setup like what I'm looking for is prohibitive, I'll buy a dual-lens camera, when/if a refurbished/used one becomes available.

    I'm not asking for 3D advice, I've tried to explain why synchronicity of both capture and zoom is so important; I just need camcorders, or cameras doing video, that can synchronize those aspects.

    Thank you kindly for your help
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