Cheapest cloud storage option (or none?)?

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  1. So far I've been storing my RAW files on external HDDs (3 copies, one off-site). I now have about 10 TB of photos+videos and I'm thinking of cloud as a backup for RAW files.

    Option 1: backup "only" in case something happens to the HDDs. so access would be very infrequent, if ever (Amazon Glacier).
    Option 2: backup that I could also use to access images (e.g., Amazon Cloud drive)

    Option 2 seems pretty expensive (compared to keeping HDDs myself and not having any cloud backup)- with amazon could drive, it would be $600/year (same with Backblaze B2). Of course, I could instead store low-res images on the cloud and fit everything in a free service- and maybe option 1 + that would be cost effective.

    What would you recommend? is there a cheaper option than Amazon Glacier?
  2. Why would you use a cloud when it can rain? Your using externals, best solution, they are yours and you control everything. If you are worried about fire or such, store off-site.
  3. How about mediafire? I don't have that qty of storage required but, so far, it works pretty well for me. ( I have around 40Gb worth of already-delivered-projects with them)
  4. I use Backblaze backup, for $50 per year. It's excellent and freed me from constantly syncing physical drives in different locations. My 3TB took almost three-weeks for the initial backup. If you've got a fast internet connection, then you can expect 10 to 12-weeks. If you connection is not fast, then it could be a real problem. The Backblaze synchronizing program is simple to setup. Your only limit is your available upload speed. Backblaze does NOT choke speed down.
  5. Rick, with Irma bearing down on me, there was no safe off site location. Cloud would be the safest.

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