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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by simon_zheng, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I'm looking to buy a bunch of EOS products like the Canon 10D and maybe 70-200 IS. The prices I saw are very low, which makes it kinda suspicious. I wasn't able to find more than 1 review on-line about the store and the feedback wasn't very good. Did anybody have experience buying products (especially Canon EOS) from them and what's your experience? Thanks!
  2. > You're joking of course, right? (124 reviews) (8 reviews)
  3. Go to B & H, KEH, Adorama or Hunt's. Those prices are what you are going to pay. Everyone else who appears to be lower is probably playing a game of some sort.
  4. Apparently I should've spent more than 2 minutes searching on yahoo for this store's rating :) Thanks for the info. Looks like a store I need to stay as far away as I possibly can.
  5. Simon, On the main page there's a box that has what I would call trusted vendors. If you choose one of them you're not only going to be sure of a good transaction, but you'll also be helping via referal moneys.
  6. Glad you asked. I was 100% suspicious about this dealer and decided to order a Canon 10d at the advertised price of $899 or so. I also ordered a 550ex flash from them, in case they would try and upsell me. When I get their traditional email to verify the order, they did just that, try to get me to buy a battery at a whopping $70. Also they said the camera is grey market, which means, according to them, will be shipped from Japan and would take 4-6 weeks. If that's not enough, they said the camera is not NTSC, it's PAL. (which only means that you can't play your images on TV in USA with PAL) I said no to all their tricks and soon got an email stating the camera is not in stock. Yes they are a fraud, stay away. Kalim

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