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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gene m, Mar 25, 2008.

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  2. one word: Olympus Trip 35-it's autoexposure, but without batteries!
  3. Huh ??
  4. Those are really pretty cameras. You could take them out anywhere and they would make you proud. Both take decent pictures, but you can see the soft corners from the Felica. You have a great camera source Gene.

    Nicholas, that is more than one word. You loose a turn. :)
  5. Yup. The Felica photos have the toy camera look.
  6. Yes, they are cheap and pretty but the pictures are excellent. Thanks for your picture, it is in my office now

  7. There's those forlorn chairs again - 3 of them if you count the bench. Really beautiful stone wall.
  8. That beige and grey is so now!

  9. What I like about both of these cameras is that they are completely intended to be cheep cameras, but still they have very nice fit and finish. Just like the Box Tengors, and Eho Box cameras, they are two element fix focus lenses with three f:stops, but have steel bodies covered with real leather, and nice chrome accents, and trim; all that in a box camera! Those wild and wacky Germans just didn't know when or where to draw the line.
  10. I do like the colour on those cameras, my cameras are all like the model t cars, i could any colour i wanted as long as it was black.
  11. Well put, Mark.
  12. I just bought an '80s Konica EF3 in a nice shade of blue. Cheap (EBay) and pretty.
  13. I saw the heading, and thought you met my wife!!!
  14. Ha !!
  15. All of my wives were ugly and expensive!
  16. Beautiful cameras... reminds me of the paint job on my Pen EES2, gray paint with light gray basket weave fabric... I really with more camera makers had gone with this instead of the boring old black and chrome... yawn. I like how the front of the Felica is made to look like a Compur shutter. hehehe. The photos look great! That Bella 66 is surprisingly sharp!
  17. I'm honored to have my photo in your office, Minh.
  18. I figure German engineers had fun creating these during their lunch time?
    Gene, the stone wall is great; you should re-visit this subject with your Rollei TLR.
    Ken, that was hysterical. Fun, lots of fun...
  19. This is so much more fun than the 'Lomographic' (tm) scene. Love em. I've taken a bunch of photos with my "old" machines (a flock of DDR SLRs), but they all just look like normal camera pictures, and where's the fun in that?
  20. Sounds like my last date. After viewing the photos, will someone please tell me why I own 7 Leica's. I'm thinking of sticking my head in the microwave oven.

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