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  1. For those who have answered my previous question in this forum, this is a feature of the social network I am writing. I
    have written a chat room in AJAX, and now I need help. I have it set to write the posted messages to the innerHTML
    of a textarea. document.getElementByID('postedText').innerHTML = document.myForm.time.value =
    ajaxRequest.responseText; where the response is the return from an SQL database on the chat server.
    First, is my JS innerHTML sound?
    Second, how do I make it update when anyone says anything, instead of when that user says something
    (for instance, Bob says "hello." he sees that he said hello. Nancy does not. Nancy says "hello." She now sees that
    Bob had said hello first, and Bob will not know she has said hello until he says something else. I don't like this. How
    do I fix it?
    Please and thank you.
  2. Also, I have an ajax script to pull up their private messages and so that they can post and send messages, etc., and when I click on one of the radio buttons, it says "error on page" in the indicator on the bottom left of IE and Firefox. I think bottom right of Chrome. I assume in this case that it is either a JS error in the AJAX, or a PHP error in the page contingent thereof. I then manually checked the PHP page. That works flawlessly after debugging it, but an error is still returned. How can I ask it to returna more specific error, or better yet, where is the error?
    Please and thank you, again.

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