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  1. Just thought about passing some observations about recent changes in
    Rollei offerings on to our fellow readers and comment on some.

    1. Many of you may have heard about the cancellation of the new
    Tele-Rolleiflex due to technical reasons related to the dimensions
    of the original body. This is extremely disappointing because a
    modified Tele-Rolleiflex with closer focusing could open up new
    photographic avenues for portrait photography and could have already
    40 years ago. The lack of mirror slap, the smooth shutter, and the
    twin-lens concept with light meter would really be innovative and
    practical. Hopefully, they'll find a Japanese donor who'll jump in
    for some of the developing costs.

    2. The new 50mm AF-Super-Angulon will be available in spring and a
    new 150mm AF-Tele-Xenar in summer 2005. This now looks like a
    really nice lens line-up. All those Schneider lenses are fantastic
    and they should work really nicely with the AF. While the zoom
    remains bulky, it probably has its fans as well. It is really nice
    to see the discontinued 150mm Tele-Xenar return to the catalogue.
    An AF macro lens would be desirable, in spite of plans to postpone
    its development. This way Rollei would be competitive with its 645

    3. Some of the more exotic Zeiss lenses such as the 500mm Apo-
    Tessar, the 40mm Distagon, or the 30mm Fisheye Distagon have been
    disappearing from the catalogues. While it is a pitty that Zeiss's
    extreme focal lengths seem to disappear, the overall trend seems
    reasonable and way overdue. There doesn't seem to be any
    justifyable reason to have both Schneider and Zeiss compete for the
    same focal lengths. I'd rather see Rollei focus on its excellent
    Schneider lenses and compensate this line-up with some Zeiss lenses,
    where the Schneider set-up is incomplete, such as the Fisheye or the
    extreme Tele-photo range. Alternatively, Schneider might just
    design two or three more new lenses. This would help to streamline
    Rollei's lens portfolio toward its strongest highlights.

    It's kind of re-assuring to see the changes. Looks like that Rollei
    is still alive and kicking. Hopefully they'll get a nice digital
    combo up and running in the near future, and they'll be back in
  2. Hi Thomas,
    Where did you find this information? I couldn't find much on the site and neither on the Rollei USA site.
    The things you say about the Zeiss and Schneider lenses make sense. I wouldn't mind if Schneider would make all lenses (and all AF), provided they cover the whole range.
    That said, I won't be of much help to the survival of Rollei, as I am quite happy by all the mf Rollei stuff I have now ;-)
  3. For someone with a sizable investment in Rollei 6x6 gear this news is encouraging. But not yet enough to convince one about the ablity of Rollei to survive the digital revolution that appears unstoppable. It would be more reassuring to see them publish a paper stating their strategy for working with he makers of digital backs to ensure that their products work with Rollei cameras.

    With age taking its toll on my vision I would like to get the 6008 AF for its focus aid but it is pretty hard to justify a further investment in a camera system that seems to be missing the digital bandwagon. And the 2nd hand market for MF gear no longer can help to minimise the upgrade costs.
  4. Jenoptik (Eyelike), Imacon and Phase One (H20) digital backs fit on the Rollei 6008.
  5. Actually, the most attractive option right now is the Phase One P25, but it's fairly expensive. The new Imacon and the Leaf will be ready in spring of 2005. I guess Rollei is up against the competitive Hasselblad and Mamiya 645 bundles. What I was trying to say was that I hope that Rollei goes beyond mere adaptability, but teams up with one of the digital manufacturers and offers a really attractive package, both in terms of price and performance, and advertises it adequately.
  6. Phase One's P25/P20 as well as the Leaf Valeo/Aptus digital backs are not available to fit
    Rollei 6000 series cameras.

    Rollei and Jenoptik/Eyelike seems like a natural fit to me as an alternative to Hasselblad/
    Imacon & Mamiya digital offerings.
  7. I guess that's my point. It's about the new, untethered 22MP backs. I am just saying that Rollei is still kind-of behind in offering a package. I haven't seen the new eyelike emotion22 together with the Rollei and I haven't read a practice report. I guess the new Imacon will be attractive, but for 30K not cheap when it's out. However, while the pros are already working with the new Hasselblad and Mamiya digital backs, it will take Rollei another year to reach that level of applicability.

    The other issue goes beyond offering an adapter somewhere at the back of a catalogue. People should see a state-of-the-art Rollei package in operation and read reports.

    It's not a big issue for me, but it might ultimately decide over a lot of market share and probably has so already.
  8. It seems that Rollei has just announced a package of their 6008AF with Phase One's
    P20 according to this thread at

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