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  1. Confused as to why you are calling it a 'web' cam. I thought a web cam was a small digital camera either incorporated into your monitor or used as a plug in via a port.
    Anyway, there is a write up about it with specs on
    Sounds like they are very uncommon.

    Speaking of rare cameras, have you come across a Minox AX? I've never even seen one.
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  2. Yes, I have two gold Minox AX
    The one one the left and right are Minox AX gold
    the one at center is Minox LX gold selection
    gold minoxs.JPG
  3. The film advance and shutter tension lever is located at the right hand
    side, the shutter release button at rear
    Push the shutter tension lever only once.
  4. Chat cam watch is hard to find now, not available at amazon and
    e market
  5. cam watch  M1.jpg
    Chadt cam watch M1 vs Minox EC
    Chadt cam watch M1 is the smallest 8x11 film camera
  6. BLANK
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