Chadt cam watch dimension

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  1. Chadt cam watch M1 dimension: 54 x 33 x 20mm
  2. google search for chadt comes up chat.

    Stupid google
  3. There’s a really lovely resort on the western gulf of Siam called Chat-am. Have you been there?
  4. We visited only Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Ayutthaya
    Bought several baby crocodile wallets as souvenir
  5. Taken with Minox 35ML , Fujicolor film
    The stingray wallet from Chiang Mai is quite unique.
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  6. I loved Stingray as a kid. Marina was my first crush.
  7. Nah. Atlanta Shore forever.
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  8. Didn’t you mean to type Lois Maxwell forever
  9. Oh right, I didn't know she voiced the character. Marina had the possible advantage in a woman of not being able to speak, although no doubt she had other ways to communicate.

    To be honest, those characters were rather wooden. My own favourite fantasy figure was Zoe from Dr. Who. Who cared that she wore micro skirts or figure hugging metallic jumpsuits which seemed totally unsuitable for science fictional shenanigans?

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