Central Florida Egret Nesting

Discussion in 'Nature' started by Roger G, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

    Bird photographers currently dealing with winter storms might be interested in knowing that here in the Orlando area Great Egrets are displaying and starting to build nests at the various alligator tourist attractions. Other wading birds present yesterday at Gatorland in Orlando included snowy egrets and the usual herons, ibis and wood storks.
  2. Ah! Let check to see if Jet Blue has a 36 hour direct flight from my local tarmac :)

    My dog flushed a Great Blue out of Rock Creek (Maryland) the day before the ice storm -- not what she intended, a rabbit was the immediate precipitator.

    If I could make it I'd be there in a flash -- with gear, sans pooch!
  3. Good to hear that nesting has begun.
    I got a photo pass at Gatorland in January which allows visits an hour earlier at 8:00AM. Was a great opportunity for close-ups and mating sequences. Unfortunately, soon after that I got sent to Denmark on an assignment. Hope the nests are still there with chicks during my short visits back.

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